10 November 2014

Martin Luther (Reformer)

Our family seems to have paused and parked over an unplanned study on Martin Luther (protestant reformer) and the churches history during that time. Luther is a key figure in the churches history for our family.
Here is a link for others looking for a free on-line copy of Luther's 95 Theses.
Detailing what we've used:
Ch. 27 The Protestant Reformation: Desiderius Erasmus 1466-1536, Martin Luther 1483-1546, Johann Tetzel 1464-1519, Diet of Worms 1521,  Emperor Charles V 1500-1558, Katharina von Bora 1499-1552
Chapters: 13 Leo X, 14 Erasmus, 17 Luther, 18, Charles V
(Medieval Christian Writers:  Martin Luther: The Babylonian Captivity of the Church (1520), The Small Catechism (1529)  ~ Cowan & Guinness
The Issues to Explore sections in this book generate some interesting discussions!
Luther in His Own Words ~ Martin Luther (audio) (selections. Car Time Audio)
 Luther: Biography of a Reformer ~ Nohl  (Sonlight 6/G title)

  Luther (MGM Dvd)    
(the children said they were pleased that they had background information on Luther and the events in his life before watching this Dvd as it made the movie easier to follow.  The film is rated as PG13 -  and, in my opinion, is definitely not for sensitive, or young children.
 Daisy thought it was a shame the actor never 'aged' throughout the movie and was such a skinny Luther )

 Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World ~ Maier and illust Copeland  (Pict bk)
 Lovely pictures in this book .. Daisy and I really like picture books so I include them in our book baskets all the time.  The interesting thing is that visitors also enjoy browsing through any picture books we may have out  

We also have this book - Reformation Heroes ~ Kleyn  - in our book basket, but have so many other resources to use that the children often do no more than have a quick glance through it. I've enjoyed reading through the easy reading excerpts on each reformer myself .


reader19 said...

Those books look great--we had checked out one of those too. I'm curious about the Biblioplan company.

I've not seen that, I don't think--does it cover the same things that Sonlight does? Or does it go deeper? Can you give me a few words regarding where to place it in my mind? No rush though!

Praying each day! Hugs to you!

Chelle said...

Hiya Tracy !!!
If you look at the review here:
http://cathyduffyreviews.com/history-geography/BiblioPlan.htm Cathy details Biblioplan to a T.

I'll write a review, one day ☺ , about how we use Biblioplan.

In the mean time though ...I really like
- the Companion,

- the mapping exercises.
(If you request a 3 week sample you can see what I'm chatting about:

And though it comes with a schedule (and oddles of extra books to choose from ;) ) I like to create our own schedule.

Appreciate the prayers and friendship.
Thinking of you and yours each day too ♥

reader19 said...

I will go check out the links you provided. We are doing a lot more on the mapping and timeline this year, and *I* am enjoying it!!! I always feel like that is something we should be spending more time doing. Especially since my geography education and retention as a younger me, was lacking! In our apartment, we don't have our BIG maps or globes...and I miss them!

Sending you a warm cuppa tea, and something chocolatey to freshen up your day!

♥ ♥ ♥ Tracy

reader19 said...

I think I have answered the questions by myself! No worries.

Chelle said...

let me know if you still have questions; happy to try and help.