04 November 2014

Late Renaissance & Early Modern History in 2015 - Our Long Book List

This post details my semi-final draft listing the books we've selected out to read during our family's history and literature studies during 2015.  Jay will be 15 and Daisy will be 13.  This list is not set in concrete and will change :)
History Spines and Books
1: Biblioplan Companion Text: Early Modern Times (selections)
We don't want as heavy an American History focus as this text contains. We're switching in British and NZ history and delving deeper into other history topics of interest; The French Revolution, and, The Great Awakening.)
1: DK History Visual Definitive Guide (for J)
1: Kingfisher Encyclopedia  (for S)
1: Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger
(Kepler 1571-1630,   Boyle   1627-1691,  Brewster   1781-1868,   Faraday   1791-1867,
Morse  1791-1872,   Maury   1806-1873,   Maxwell   1831-1879,   Kelvin   1824-1907 )
2: Classics of British Literature ( TGC ~ Sutherland. Continue with.  We're using this over a few years)
3: Invitation to the Classics ~ Cowan
(selections: Shakespeare 1601-11 to   Hawthorne- The Scarlet Letter 1850)
3: Famous Men of the 16th and 17th Century ~ Rob Shearer
7: Life and Times: Pepys and The Stuarts ~ Ross (oop)
7: Essential Dates: A Timeline of New Zealand History ~ Dench (Reference Book)
10: Mystery of History vol 3 (selections .... perhaps?)
16: Mystery of History vol 4 (selections..... perhaps?) 
17: Christian Leaders of the 18th Century ~ R.C Ryle:
George Whitefield (1730+),   John  Wesley (short biography, and, Journal selections) (1739+)
20: Famous Men of Modern Times (Memoria Press) (just for S)
22: How They Lived: A Sailor with Captain Cook ~ Gibson (just for S)

Family Read Alouds (most of these read aloud titles relate to Daisy's schedule)
1: Papa Was a Preacher ~ Porter (modern time)
2: My Escape from the Auto de Fe at Valladolid: October, 1559 ~ Don Fernando de la Mina
6: Out of Many Waters ~ Greene SL7 (1654)
7: The Story of New Zealand ~ Bassett (N/F) (1642+) (selections) 
8: Master Cornhill ~ McGraw SL (1665)
11: Isaac Newton ~ Tiner         (1643 -1727)
13: Rob Roy ~ Scott 1712+  (Scotland)  (written 1817) 
16: George Frederic Handel ~ Ludwig (1692+)
17: Alone, Yet Not Alone ~ Craven (1775)
18: Francis Asbury ~ Benge (1745)
20: Traitor -The Case of Benedict Arnold – Fritz (1777+) 
22: New Zealand’s Christian Heritage ~ Stringer (selections)
24: Les Miserable ~ Hugo (abridged) with 7sistershomeschool lit guide
28: Amy Carmichael Biography (India Tie-in 1867-1951)   (still to purchase) 
29: William Wilberforce ~ Kevin Belmonte 
Optional Reads:
Amos Fortune Freeman ~ Yates SL

Family Book Basket and Bible Time Books
wk A: Love and Respect ~ Eggerich (Go thru Pink and Blue Portion)            
wk B: KJV Bible (Book of Proverbs, and nouthetic studies. Year long Study)
wk 1: The Sings My Soul BK 2 ~ Morgan
2: Trial and Triumph ~ Hannula (selections)
3: King Alfred’s English ~ White   (restart Ch: 13) 

Audio Books
(we find that when we "purchase" a $0.00, or low cost,  kindle classic title off amazon, often as not,  when we switched over to audible to purchase a go-along audio reading of the same title the cost of the audio is substantially reduced!!)
3: Car time audio - The Best of our Island Story ~ Marshall (continue)
8: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God ~ Edwards (just for J)
8: Pilgrim’s Progress, and, Christiana ~ Bunyan (relisten. just for S)
If you purchase the Pilgrim's  Progress in kindle for $1 you can download this audio reading for $2.99
11: Lorna Doone ~ R.D. Blackmore   (1673-87) For content issues !! see my comments in a review here
16: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 45 ~ Sir Walter Scott  (1745)
18: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (GG Lesson 25) (just for J)
19: Johnny Tremain ~ Forbes SL (relisten. just for S)
19: Revere's Ride (revisit poem)
23: The Old Curiosity Shop (1840) , or,
 Barnaby Rudge ~ Dickens  (Gordon Riots of 1780) (audio option)
 Introduction to Barnaby Rudge by David Timson
26: Death to the French ~ Forester (just for J) (optional)
27: Rip Van Winkle

28: Uncle Tom’s Cabin ~ Stowe (1840’s) (just for S)
32: Mr Midshipman Easy ~ Marryat (1836) (just for J)
33: Great Expectations ~ Dickens (c.1850) (just for S)
34: Masterman Ready ~ Marryat (1871)  (just for J) 
optional listens:
Prisoner of Zenda ~ Hope

Film Studies
still to be decided (use NCEA guide)

Daisy (13)
Early Modern Literature Studies
Glencoe Literature Guides (online guides)
Progeny Press
Sonlight Book Notes and Maps (pre-2012) 

3: The Walker Book of Classic Poetry & Poets ~ Rosen
(Shakespeare, Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Clark, Keats, Hood, Barrett-Browning, Longfellow, Poe, Tennyson, Lear, Browning, Bronte, Whitman, Dickinson) 

Book Basket for Daisy     (incs literature study titles)
A:  Beyond Beautiful Girlhood, Plus Companion Guide ~ Noonan (S with mum) 
A: The Prince and the Pauper ~ Twain (1547)  Progeny Press
3: Don Quixote ~ Cervantes (1605)
3: Play:  Shakespeare (play of your choice) (1660’s)
7:  Life and Times: Pepys and The Stuarts ~ Ross
8:  Pilgrim’s Progress, and, Christiana ~ Bunyan (optional relisten) (audio)
9:  The Great House ~ Harnett (England) (1690)  or
Madeleine Takes Command ~ Brill SL7 (French in America) (1692)
11: Lorna Doone ~ R.D. Blackmore (England. Monmouth’s Rebellion) 1673-87 (audio  
       Mature content! Discussion, or editing out, recommended.  See my comments in a review here  
12: Play:  The Crucible ~ Miller (set in 1773)
13: Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) (condense) (Greenleaf Guide)
15: Susanna Wesley ~ Charles Ludwig
16: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 45 ~ Scott  (1745) (audio)
17: A Stolen Life ~ Curry (1758)  or
17: Biography ( Whitefield, Wesley)
18: 1714-1788 (William)  Deacon Brodie (online research)
18: (optional) Ben Franklin of Old Phil… ~ Cousins (1700’s)
19: Johnny Tremain ~ Forbes SL (optional relisten. audio)
Optional:   other audios in The Scarlet Pimpernel Series read by Karen Savage
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Elusive Pimpernel
El Dorado
20: Sherwood Ring ~ Pope SL7 (?? still undecided about this one)
21: Play: She Stoops to Conquer ~ Goldsmith (1773) GG
22: How They Lived: A Sailor with Captain Cook ~ Gibson (easy n/f)
23: Barnarby Rudge ~ Dickens (1780)  (audio)
24: The Lace Maker and the Princess ~ Bradley  (optional. I haven't pre-read this one yet)
27: Choose a work of Dickens
perhaps Oliver Twist (1837), The Old Curiosity Shop (1840), or revisit Little Dorrit  (set in 1820’s, written 1855)
28: The Ravenmaster’s Secret ~ Woodruff  SL7 (optional. repeat read) (1735)
29:  Uncle Tom’s Cabin ~ Stowe (1840’s)   (audio. just for S)
30:  Optional:  c.1816  The Journeyman ~ Yates SL3 (repeat read)
1830 Hue and Cry ~ Yates (sequel) 
31: Jane Austin (select 2 titles; 1 for a Lit study, 1 for free reading) (1813+) 
Pride and Prejudice SL200, and,  Sense and Sensibility were the final choices.

31: Under the Hawthorn Tree: Children of the Famine ~ McKenna (1845)
33: Levi Straus -The Blue Jeans Man ~ Van Steenwyk ex.SL
34: Great Expectations ~ Dickens c.1850+ (audio)
Optional reads:
The Broken Blade ~ Durbin SL7 (1800)
Famine Triology bk2: Wildflower Girl ~ McKenna
Famine Triology bk3: Fields of Home ~ McKenna

Summer 2015-2016 Reading

Jay (15yrs)
Early Modern Literature.
A: Greenleaf’s yr 3 Literature Guide: British And American Literature 1500-1900 ~Shearer
7-10: The Screwtape Letters (online guide)   (this guide is no longer available online :(  )
31-36:  Jane Eyre  (SL200 pre-2012 booknotes or other? )

Using Greenleaf's Literature Guide.  Poets range from Thomas Wyatt to Matthew Arnold.   Here's a separate post about this portion of our studies.

Book Basket for Jay (includes audios and Early Modern Lit study titles)
A: Foxes Book of Martyrs (selections - contained within the guide) Greenleaf Guide (GG)
2: Poetry for Dummies ~ Timpane (selections over the year) GG
3:  Don Quixote ~ Cervantes (1605)  (OYC Course optional) (audio option)
4-6 : Twenty Years After  ~ Dumas (1625)
7:  Life and Times: Pepys and The Stuarts ~ Ross (N/F)
8: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God ~ Edwards (audio)
8:  A Parcel of Patterns ~ Walsh SL200 (1665)
12: Play:  The Crucible ~ Miller (set in 1773)
11: Lorna Doone ~ R.D. Blackmore (England. Monmouth’s Rebellion) 1673-87 (audio)
14: Play:  Tartuffe ~ Moliere (1669) GG    online extra
16: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 45 ~ Scott  (1745) (audio)
16: Kidnapped ~ Stevenson (Scotland) (1751)
17: Biography (Whitefield, Wesley, or, Franklin)
18: 1714-1788 (William)  Deacon Brodie (online research )
Complete an author overview of Robert L. Stevenson before going through the Brodie go-along:
Jeckyll and Hyde  refer to GG Lesson 25))
20: (Opt) My Brother Sam is Dead ~ Collier  (B. Arnold tie-in)
21: Play: She Stoops to Conquer ~ Goldsmith (1773) GG    (audio)
22: Young Nick’s Head ~ Hesse (1768)       Swap in an NZ author/book here
22: Captain Cook documentary, & Journals (selections)
23: Mutiny on the Bounty ~ Bligh  (1789)
24: William Wilberforce's Speech to the house (1789)
24: Scaramouche ~ Sabatini  (set in 1789-1799) (audio option)
26: Death to the French ~ Forester (optional)
27-30: The Old Curiosity Shop, (audio) (1840)
or, Barnaby Rudge ~ Dickens (1780)   (audio)  written 1840–1841
29: On the Duty of Civil Disobedience ~ Thoreau (1845–1849) GG
29:  Walden ~ Thoreau (selections) (1845–1849) GG
31: Jane Eyre ~ Bronte (1847) SL200
33: 1850 The Scarlet Letter ~ Hawthorne  (audio option)
1851 Moby Dick ~ Henry Melville (already been thru)
10: 1687 Biography of Isaac Newton (still to choose)

Summer 2015-2016 Reading
1830+ Tom Brown’s School Days ~ Hughes (Rugby School tie-in to poet Matthew Arnold) 
Tolkien titles  not already read 


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