07 April 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ April 07 2014

It's a lighter workload for us the next few weeks. 
Starting Monday April 07 2014, once academic/ scheduled learning is done the children are working on delight led (personal interest)  areas of learning.
Daisy is sewing, concentrating on piano, and is focused on getting the garden ready for autumn.
Bobs is delving deep into all things chess (playing online, a game with a friend via "correspondence", and up-skilling himself), concentrating on drums and helping mum with yardwork so his turkeys, and the ducks, can have a 'nicer' spot to forage in.
The weather is starting to cool off and so as much time as we can spend outside, we're taking it.
Lego is using up much of Bob's free time .... the annual Lego competition in NZ is now open for submissions.

The list below is our proposed schedule for the week the reality often pans out differently.. I think I'll come back and cross out the things we didn't do :D
  • Bible 
All: 1 Corinthians ch:13 (study)
Memorisation & Cursive Copywork: wk 3 of 4)
Hymn: O God, Thou Art the Father
Scriptures: Ephesians 4:32

  • History & Geography
Topic: The Rise of Islam
Biblioplan Ch: 5 The Rise of Islam (selections)
Differences between Islam & Christianity
Mapping: Arabian & Sinai Peninsulas (Biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Islam

Audio: True Tales RRR Vol 2: The Islamic Empire ~ Diana Waring
(Last week of Side study: St. Columba
Audio: This Sceptred Island 01: St. Columba Comes to Iona onwards)
Audio: True Tales RRR Vol 2: St Columba ~ Diana Waring )
Read Alouds: Book Basket selection
One Thousand & One Arabian Nights ~ McCaughrean (selections)
Car time audio: book basket choice
N/F: The Arabs of the Golden Age ~ Moktefi (SL F) (selections only)
Famous Men: Mohammad (570-632AD)
Poetry:  Oxford Book of Poetry

Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2: Ch 6 & 7: Islam
Shadow Spinner ~ Fletcher (SL)  already completed   

Bob ~ History & Literature:
GGML ~ Shearer
Lesson 5 : Beowulf 3, lines 701 - 1250
Reader: The World of Chess ~ Saidy & Lessing (oop)

  • English
All About Spelling (finished up book 4 this week. Yay!!!!!)
Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
S.F.W.W.E (level 4)  ~ Bauer
 Daisy is really focused to complete the last few lesson in her current AAS book - as then it's rewards week for her. Rewards week equates to:  complete a level/workbook and you get to choose a take out tea, and earn computer time credits.

AAS rules  
Grammar in Rod n Staff 6
As soon as Bob has finished his review in AAS I'm proposing to switch him over into Visual Latin as a regular lessons session and use it as a language arts tool as oppose to fitting it into our foreign languages slot for 2 terms a year.
  • Math
Select topics in:  IXL , Khan, and,
Khan Academy
  • Science (both)
Chemistry 101 (Friday)
The Periodic Table of Videos   (Delight led)


reader19 said...

So good to see what you are up to! Now I can chase your links!!! Thanks! Sending you a dear hug, and wish I was there for a nice cuppa tea! With your weather being cold, and our weather being cold---we would both enjoy a nice warm cup! along with a good chat!!!!

May the good Lord bless and keep you!

Chelle said...

Tracy, you are a honey!!
It's so lovely to have a "Piglet" friend leave a splash of 'love' on my blog!!
Cup of tea?
that would be lovely!!!

God bless you too, dear friend {hug}