14 August 2014

Early Modern History - Planning Post

Daisy here ☺
I'm helping to type up some of the things we are looking through, and might use during 2015.
This a planning post and so it won't look all pretty and tidy.
Mum said to just toss it up as we'll be adding to it over the next few month.
Oh, and I'm supposed to mention that both of us, Bobs and me, will be highschool level next year.

History Spines
Biblioplan Early Modern Companion  
The Story of the World v.3 (Daisy) audio
MOH v.3 & v.4 (selections)
Kingfisher Encyc (Daisy)

Other History Books  N/F
Famous Men of the 16th & 17th Century ~ Shearer
The Best of Our Island Story (audio)
The Story of New Zealand ~ Bassett

Online Courses
Coursera: The French Revolution

Literature Options
Biblioplan Booklist 8-12
Sonlight Core H - first 1/2 (Daisy)
SL Core 200 & 530 (selections) (Daisy & J)
TWTM Great books - Eleventh grade, 1600-1850
Hewitt Homeschool - Lightning Lit   (scroll down)
Greenleaf Guide Year 3 Lit  if mum can manage to find a way to purchase this.
** Chelle here: We found a way! Amazingly, Greenleaf gifted us a draft copy to use! Really liking what this guide covers.  J will be using this during 2015 while Daisy tags along in places.
Ambleside Year 10 lit
1000 Great Books year 7-9
1000 Great Books year 10-12
Milestones Academy (Early modern list, check other lists too)
Charles Dickens Timeline

look through:
Education Unboxed

to be continued.

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