27 March 2014

Medieval links - Pt3 The Medieval Christian Church

Links for our Pt3 Schedule: The Medieval Christian Church ~ St. Patrick, St. Columba,  St. Augustine, St. Jerome

While there seem to be so many (!!) books about St. Patrick there are not too many, yet, about St. Columba ... I guess since some of my ancestors came from the Isle of Iona I have a vested interest in what Columba was doing there :)

Columba, brief biography  I find it interesting that the Book of Kells was produced in the monastry Columba inhabited

O God, Thou Art the Father   Hymn ascribed to Columba

Insular Art Ireland (Education Portal)

The list for the Dark Ages from Education Portal

Augustine's Conversion ~ Max McLean (audible)

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Unknown said...

Hiya Chelle! I have a little connection to St Columba and St Patrick too - my ancestor Aiden Mac Gabrian was the first known king to be ordained (which was by St Columba). His great grandfather Fergus Mac Ercc was prophesied over by St Patrick that he'd be the father of kings (he was the first king of Dalriata, and the early Scottish kings came from his line). Who were your ancestors? I'd love it if our ancestors were connected!