21 February 2012

Curricula in 2012

Some of this selection keeps changing as the children's learning abilities shift and change ☺
Includes mid Sept 2012 updates in red.  We have approx 3 months left, before our scheduled learning year finishes.  I always find it interesting to see what others have dropped/stepped side ways from so thought I'd include those details too.

Scroll down this post for our History/Reading schedules for this year, found under History: Literature

Choices selected for:
Bobs 12
Daisy 10
Bible - Together
Bible time hymns  Detailed here  along with
40 Day Bible Adventure (to complete over a year) false start & never continued
Bible - Inspirational Stories
Various Missionary/ Heroes of the Faith biographies by Janet and Geoff Benge

Bible - Bobs
Indepth bible study with Dn
Scripture Memorisation and Copywork/Dictation

Bible -Daisy
Continuing bible time with mum
Scripture Memorisation, using some songs from Sing The Word ,
Bible Copywork/Dictation

History - World History Spine:
Story of the World Volume 4 - Modern Times 

History - New Zealand History:
NZ Spine:  Builders of New Zealand: An Illustrated History for Young People by A.W Reed
Illustrated History of New Zealand by Marcia Stenson
The New Zealand Wars by Ross Calman
The Kauri and the Willow by Elsie Locke (oop available through library inter-loan)  dropped 1/2 way

History - Kingfisher History Encyclopedia - Bobs
History - Usborne History of the World History Encyclopedia - Daisy

Which includes a selection of living history books, audio titles:
       (Sonlight titles were selected from the 2010 Catalogue)
1:  Sonlight Core 4 (select books)   - Daisy (10 yrs old)    (Initial Schedule)
2: Sonlight Core 7 (2nd part of) - Bobs (12 yrs old)    (Final Schedule here)
3: Other Sonlight Cores (portions of with some geography focus)
4: NZ literature
5: Other Literature  (including some Ambleside Online (AOL) titles)

Language Arts:
L/A - Both
All About Spelling (as prescribed for Daisy, just the rules for Bobs)    NZ Supplier ~ Engaging Minds
Italics Handwriting - Both (using Startwrite to create scripture memory pages in cursive)
Poems for Memorization - Rod and Staff (different grade selections)
Rod and Staff  (English books, just for the grammar) Both - different levels & speeds☺

L/A - Daisy
Child's Introduction to Poetry   put this aside for Summer 2013 enjoyment
Writing With Ease

L/A - Bobs
The Walker Book of Classic Poetry and Poets  (Using 2011 and 2012)
Writing With Skill

Math - Using a mix of:
Math - Both (at different levels)
Khan Academy
Also using lots of games and math based literature for both.

Math - Daisy
Life of Fred, elementary bks 5-8  (she just loved the first 4 books in this series!)
Making Math Meaningful

Math - Bobs
Life of Fred
New Zealand Investments (game)

NZ Based Nature Studies (referring to: Nature Study by D. Beggs)
Interest led books and DvD's
Breeding guinea pigs, and hand raising lambs :-)
Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy this is hardly getting done. Using it as a science reader :-)

Artistic Pursuits   - includes art history  {still haven't started this}
Mark Kistler's Online Art Lessons  hit and miss this year :-/
Other books and items of interest

Plus other, random, items of interest.
Music lessons.

Other Languages:
Visual Latin we've only managed to complete 1 term of this curric.  I need to schedule it in differently, as it is the program we want to use for Latin.

Logic Puzzles:
Perplexors  - Both, different levels.  Only Daisy has carried on with this, Bobs is NOT interested!
Various Logic Games

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