15 February 2012

Great Expectations - Audio

Great Expectations is a scheduled read for Sonlight Core H/7 , though not a recommended AOL read.

There was no way I wanted to tackle that book as a read aloud this year - we'll still be reading it through 2013 ☺. Time to outsource.

I got Bobs (and Daisy) to read through a condensed picture book version of the story first, that helped prepare him for the embittered old woman catching fire in the story, post seeeking forgiveness for her "deeds".

And, using a condensed version for Daisy is allowing her to be in the know with the characters in Great Expectations, when Bobs & I are talking about events in the book.
Bobs has enjoyed listening to Martin Jarvis read Great Expectations.

He's nearly finished, I'm chapters behind which is working in our "book discussions " favour.

Bobs is explaining in depth what he's hearing, giving his thoughts on a character's actions, and relaying some choice pieces of writing verbatim. He was delighted to find out who was Pip's benefactor - loving this logic stage with Bobs.

Martin Jarvis is an appreciated narrator in our home, the children still prefer his reading of Fantastic Mr. Fox over any other narrator☺

IMO: Jarvis injects just the right lilt and at places an almost humerous undertone into reading Great Expectations which stops the book from becoming a gloomish Victorian read. If one chose to, they could give this book a very heavy somber performance.Once Bobs has finished listening to Great Expectations, I've prescribed Dickens, His Work and His World by Michael Rosen (beautifully illustrated by Robert Ingpen) for him as a quick read and that will wrap up out scheduled foray into another of Dickens' work, for this year ... perhaps☺

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