17 January 2014

Planning for 2014?

Reposting Murrayshire Academy's resourceful list of links ... really helpful if one is planning for 2014... and needs a brain rest from planning.


Anonymous said...

Great list.
forget the brain breathers - post the lists doll %-D
2014 sure feels ho-hum.

Chelle said...

oh, yes, let's!!
2015 might give us a better start ;-)

Audio list typed.
Books all in era order .. now just the typing.

reader19 said...

Goodness...that is quite a good list! Thank you very much for sharing. I've bookmarked it for when my brain can take more!

Sending you a warm hug and big hello!!! Missing you this week!!! very much...


Anonymous said...

chelle, agreeing with your friend Tracy we're missing you too.
What week are you up to with planning?