12 August 2013

Nature Time ~ Winter

Our lamb is a dorper/romney cross



reader19 said...

OOOHH! Those are terrific photo's!!! I love the nest and the beetle, and the lambs are so great too! It is so neat to see what the wild life is like where you are at!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing various species too--that adds a lot of interest! I had the coolest beetle on our sunflowers last night. I wish I had taken a photo of it---I had taken one, that is on our blog; but it isn't a close-up photo, like it deserves (but my camera doesn't do those close-up shots very well....) Anyway--THANKS! These are great photo's and we really appreciate seeing a bit of New Zealand from your eyes!

Chelle said...

So pleased you liked them ... I posted them up just for you :)

Other than the 2 pictures of the lamb, these photos were taken on one of our winter time excursion - see how wintery the sky is (brrrr)

Off to see what is happening on your blog.

Brenda said...

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Chelle said...

thanks for leaving a link to you blog here.
Your SOTW lapbooks look excellent!