07 August 2013

Our Week Ahead - 5th August 2013

It's so encouraging to see each new week appearing on our schedule especially once we reached the half way mark of our history schedule a few weeks back.
We're reading through the books listed on Week 24 this week with our topics being Greek Gods, Wars, the Games, and Legends.

Bible Time
Ezra, and, Nehemiah (select passages that match in while we read Victory Journey Through the Bible and listen to the book of Nehemiah in our own, outside scheduled learning, time.
I find it a perfect opportunity to listen to the audio bible while we do household, or outside jobs.

During his bible time this week Bobs is comparing the characters of Jason in the New Testament, and Jason of the Golden Fleece.
He's read, and will then discuss, a simple reader:  Jason and the Golden Fleece ~ Riordan.  The book does contain some intense topics, one being where Jason's wife has a man cut up and boiled -  Daisy is not reading this book - fortunately there is no art work in the book depicting this scene.

Memorisation   (week 4 of 4 weeks)
Psalm 127
Hymn: All the Way My Saviour Leads Me  (we've all come to love this hymn!) 

History & Geography
As Bobs and Daisy are very familiar with the topics being studied this week I'm leaving the books in a select your own reading pile with a prerequisite being: create a summary or narration after reading.
The book pile consists of:
Usborne Encyclopedia,
Glencoe World History,
The Greeks ~ Burrell,
Story of the World (audio) Ch: 23 & 24,
Biblioplan's Ancient Companion Text (Kings of Persia),
Famous Men of Greece (Daisy will go for this one)

We'll be following a few more of the Ancient Greece links listed here  (I'm really keen for us to explore the Greek Art link).

A few other links we'll be visiting are:
A wonderful collection of photographs of Greek Architecture.
Who were the Greeks. BBC.   youtube (can't guarantee all of the content in  this, as we haven't watched it yet :-)
Part 2

Daisy is still reading Theras and his Town, and Dn is continuing to read Within the Palace Gates ~ Siviter to us in the evenings.
D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths remains as our car time audio and ... edit that: deleting the link to the audio book we started listening to, the content was way too mature!!
(recommending that the content in the audio be previewd before using it - we often skip portions, or discuss gritty topics as we listen along.)

All other subjects are ambling along at a very satisfactory pace, and I'm praying that they will continue to do so.

I'm starting to gear up to work on our middle ages schedule, and am currently reading my way through a pile of books relating to that.  Such hardship for a book hoarder :)

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