02 August 2013

Another Ancients Week- Starting 29th of July

Athens, Sparta , and Esther (week 23 on our Ancients schedule) were our bible and history focus topics for this week, which meant LOTS of reading.
Dn is reading Within the Palace Gates ~ Siviter to us and we’re all finding it a very intriguing read.
As I mentioned elsewhere, it does have some mature, and gritty, topics in it so I do recommend pre-reading before handing to over as a reader.

Our audio books (for Daisy and I to listen through together) was supposed to be Wanderings of Odysseus, but we all, Bobs included, got so distracted by our car time audio D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths  that we haven't got to Odysseus  - amazingly our local library had D'Aulaires on C/D.
We now know where the saying 'bored to death' may have orginated from.
We have however covered some of the ground work to go with The Odysseus by watching some of these online clips - which will not be everyone's cup of tea (and not for those youngers Y).

We also alternated between all listening to the audio of Esther (kjv) in our own time, and then reading select portions together during ‘bible time’.

Bobs' prescribed reading was :

The Story of MankindThe Famous Men of Greece (Memoria Press), and he chose Kingfisher over Biblioplan's Companion Text and Glencoe World History

As an easy reader he's been reading through: The Lion in the Gateway: The Story of the Persian Wars ~ Mary Renault (which is oop and ridiculously priced on amazon!!)

Daisy’s line up was:
The Greeks ~ Burrell, our copy has had the unclothed Greeks 'dressed'  :) ...  she read some of the scheduled pages, yet after she saw the full colour paintings in The Famous Men of Greece book she keen to read that too.

Her current prescribed reader is; Theras and His Town ~ Snedeker (and we're using the separate booknotes from one of Sonlights discontinued Core G Instructor's Guides.)

A New Zealand born home educator, Kiwimum ,  introduced us to some wonderful math books published by The Art of Problem Solving and while I was browsing through their site I came across these books: Dr. Wright’s Kitchen Table Math (bks 1-3)  - and I've been reading through those for my own interest and benefit.

The Table Math books are excellent, and I am already seeing how I can incorporate some of the hands-on suggestions mentioned in book 3 into Daisy's math time.  I'm enjoying the way Dr. Wright presents things – very discovery based, and these books would have been an almost perfect follow on for our family after using, and enjoying,  Miquon Math!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words about my books. If I can ever be of any help with math education questions (not that I have all of the answers), please feel free to ask.

best wishes, Chris Wright
chris @ kitchentablemath.com

Chelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, the children & I think that is pretty special!
I appreciate the generous offer to answer any math ed. questions we may have.