08 February 2013

Art and Ancients - February

After a few weeks of back to academic, let's use scheduled learning I'm getting a good feel of what is going to work in our new learning year and what I will need to shift and shuffle  - things like putting some of our electives into morning time slots instead of leaving them until the afternoon.
One of those electives is art, another is Visual Latin.

We actually completed art lessons this week, and enjoyed it - having art time earlier in the week and before lunch time is a good move for us.
Here is one picture from sketching Ancient Egypt with Mark Kistler.... we'll have to work a little more on in perspective.
Free time and self interest led drawing is different - my children will do that where and when ever they feel like it ☺
Bobs felt like creating a LOTR/Hobbit enduced map, below, for his own enjoyment while we listened to an ancient Egyptian who-dunnit, audio book, together on Waitangi Day. 


reader19 said...

What a great map!!!!! So cool!!!

Chelle said...

Thanks for your comment!
I'll let the 'artist' know ☺

(He'd love to attend your art classes...
if he was old enough ;-))