31 August 2012

Story of the World Vol 4 - Notebooking Pages Logic Level

As the children are working through SOTW 4 they have both continued to craft longer, and longer,  pieces for their history writing assignments.
I have to interject here that we often refer to a primary source, or a secondary one, to create our longer pieces of writing from.

Time to toss together some pages more suited to those longer writing sessions.  One page allows for a timeline figure/picture to be pasted or draw in, the other page is just for straight writing.

We've stored our SOTW 4 Notebooking Pages for logic level over at hs launch.

Bobs and Daisy complete the SOTW 4 mapping work, trim it up and glue it to the back of the first notebooking page.
The timeline figures are from the SOTW 4 activity book.

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