27 August 2012

Our Week Ahead ~ August 27 2012

We’re on week 23 of our schedule and beneath is our proposed line up for this week.

SOTW 4 Ch: 25 Armies in China (incs geog in Japan & China)
No SOTW4 history outline this week, only oral discussion and encyclopedia readings.

Read All Together:
Finish Days of Terror ~ Smucker
Start The House of Sixty Fathers  SL5
NZ: Builders of NZ,  pg 134-137
NZ: Illust Hist of NZ. Discuss teens now & youth of yester year.  pg 76-81


The Singing Tree (Core H)

The Nickle-Plated Beauty ~ Patricia Beatty
(Pict bk -Japan/America   FIAR) Grandfather's Journey
Other, delight lead, reads

History Related Audios:
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (SL R/A4)

Audios -Delight led:
Rascal: A Boy and His Dog ~ Ken Wells (this is just a laugh out loud!!! production.  Love it.)

I'm listening to some 'encouragement' for mum with a few of Lorrie Flem's audios, some of the 5R's series.

Hymn (for 2 more weeks):
Amazing Grace book: Count Your Blessings – Oatman, pg 10

Composer (for 2 more weeks):
Amy Beach Unit 12

Continue with next lessons on Khan Academy
LOF for Bobs, 2 days this week.

Review all times tables (drill with mum) & on Khan Academy

Language Arts
Work with Bobs on next few lessons in WWS
Review grammar drills
Continue with RnS and work on next lessons in AAS

WWE bk 3, next lessons
AAS, next lessons.  Currently working on 1 lesson over a 2 day stretch.
Review grammar drills and work on next lessons in RnS

Try to do lesson 4 in Apologia Human Anat ;-)

Our lambs are nearly weaned and ready to put out to pasture.  The winter lambs are bouncing around in the paddocks and are just so sweet to watch, I'll try to get some photos taken and put up.

Next lesson with logic book.
Daisy has just about finished with her Perplexor book - she just loves doing the puzzles in them.  Bobs is not that taken with the whole idea.

Mark Kistler online (hopefully)

Bobs is continuing on with making a WWII model scene now and the kitchen table continues to be owned by paint, brushes, tools, glue and a lot of little plastic figures.
Daisy wants to do some sewing, since I have the machines out to reinvent some dresses down into skirts for her.

Physical Activities
Treadmill or daily walk, weather permitting

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