16 July 2012

Our Week Ahead ~ 16 July 2012

This is our first week back after a few weeks, much needed, winter time break.

Amongst other things…the children continued to read a good amount of literature, listened to audio books and indulged in some delight led activities … while I tried to sort through some of the items we no longer need and got at least a quarter of the things listed and sold.
The children had a memory fest going through the box of audio CDs (so many Jim Weiss titles) and a stash of books.

Time to get back to scheduled learning:
We’re on week 19 of our schedule and beneath is our proposed line up - starting this week, Mond 16 July:

SOTW 4 Ch: 19 & 20
Ch19: Focus Part A: The Last Emperor
(Pict bk tie in) The Last Emperor of China   (both)

Read All Together:
Ch20: Focus Part B - World War I
World Hist: Usborne World Wars, 1914-1918   (SL 4 title)
NZ: Builders of NZ, First World War  pg 133
NZ: Illust Hist of NZ. Fighting Outside NZ  pg 62-65
NZ: Wearing the Poppy. Why We Do it.

NZ: A Nice Day for War. WWI   (Bobs)

Hist Biographies:
NZ: Lotti: The Gallipoli Nurse   (Daisy)
NZ: Caesar The ANZAC Dog by Stroud   (both)
World Hist: Tales of Spies (Women): Mata Hari 1914+   (all) (this book is oop and hard to source)
UK: Children of History – Winston Churchill by Brian Williams  (Focus on his childhood. Daisy)
USA: Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt by Fritz   (Bobs to finish)

Hist -Other:
SL 6: Shadow of a Bull   (Complete)
SL R7: The Good Master    (Bobs to start. Lead up to Russian Rev, in SOTW 4 Ch:21)
Aust: The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded by French (Read to Daisy)

It’s winter time so we are listening to a good amount of audio books, while we do delight led projects, & chores in the afternoon.
History related:
The Railway Children (Daisy. Again)
The War Horse (Bobs)
(Finish off- Mum. Bobs is finished) The Lord of the Nutcracker Men

Audios -Delight led:
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (again)
Princess and Curdie by Macdonald
The Wise Woman by Macdonald
Bible based lectures, and Sermons (various)

Amazing Grace book: The Old Rugged Cross – Bennard, pg 20

Edvard Grieg Unit 10 pg 39

Continue with next lessons on Khan Academy
LOF for Bobs.
MMM, & LOF lessons for Daisy. Review all times tables

Language Arts:
Continue with next lessons in select books
Review all cards AAS for Daisy

Next lesson in Apologia Human Anat
George Washington Carver
In the Garden with Dr. Carver (Pict bk)
SL Sci 4: George Washington Carver
Carver Dvd by Franklin Springs

Nature studies:
Dorper lambs (hand raising)

Next lesson with logic book

Mark Kistler online

Physical Activities:
Treadmill or daily walk, weather permitting
Ping Pong, practice


Chareen said...

Hello Chelle

I have missed your posts :) So good to see you are back.

Lovely list of reading and books there thank you for sharing.

PS Are you on Pinterest ?

Anonymous said...

No pictures Chelle?? ☺
You must be strapped for time.
Good to see you back at it.

Chelle said...

Hi Chareen,
thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment.
we're back to 'lessons' after a few weeks break.
Rebooting the schedule in winter, for us, needs to book endowed!
Or interest wanes -real quick :-)

No, I'm not on Pinterest.. though I do scout around others Pins.

Do you like Pinterest?

Chelle said...

No Eliz, no pic due to the reason you typed.

Thanks for the stop by, too .. I know how flat to chat you n yours are.

Chareen said...

Hi Chelle

I do pin and am enjoying the variety of ideas to use in homeschooling there are some very generous ladies out there.


Chelle said...

Thanks for linking your pinterest Chareen... I'll definitely be popping back!

(nodding at the generous ladies comments - there are some wonderful *gift this on* items out there.
*gift this on* sounds more, sort of, generous than free ;-) )