16 April 2012

Anna and The King by Margaret Landon

We've finished our current read aloud Anna & the King by Margaret Landon (SL Core H reader), and enjoyed it very much! For others looking for a 'primary resource' to go with the above book you may also like to listen to : The English Governess at the Siamese Court by Anna H. Leonowens. I've just started it and can't vouch for any of the content yet .... I'm interested to hear what she details about her interaction with the King of Siam.

And this article in a Bangkok newspaper makes for interesting reading ... the author challenges many of the accepted details of Anna Leonowen's life. hmmm ????

It pays to note that the chapter book does not detail any of the physical attraction/tension that the movie and the musical portray.

For those that have watched the movie/musical first, be prepared to read a totally different account of Anna Leonowen's interaction with the King of Siam ..... okay, I'll side step my soap box about how movies, 9 times out of 10, train wreck a book's storyline - the chapter book doesn't detail one single, or any, account of physical attraction/tension between Anna & the King... but I've already said that, haven't I?


Anonymous said...
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Chelle said...

Just so.
Time to compare and talk :D