05 February 2012

Story of the World 4 ~ Outline Notebooking Pages

Since we are not going to be creating outlines for every topic that has been detailed in SOTW4's activity book and the pages in the book were created to be functional and practical, we decided to make same pages that are visually more appealing for Bobs to work with.
Outlining just seems to be more palatable with a customised notebooking page ☺).

PLEASE NOTE: All the available links for our free notebooking pages can be found on Our Free Pages Tab Above.

Beneath is an example of one of Bobs completed Outline Notebooking pages - the timeline figure was printed from the set included in SOTW activity book four pdf (cut & pasted onto our notebooking page.)I write (scribble) down the outline guide lines and he completes the exercise. Click on the notebooking picture, above to go straight to our SOTW4 Outline Notebookingpages over at hslauch. Currently we're scribing Daisy's narrations in history. (She does write the topic )
I'm asking her to give a detailed narration after listening to select chapters in SOTW4 - only chapters with topics we're hoping to create a notebooking page for.

The page we're using for her narrations can be found in our original SOTW4 notebooking set, pg6.

ETA:  We've since created SOTW4 Notebooking Pages more suited to the length of the writing assignments required at Logic level .
This blog post details the link to those free pages.


Veronica Boulden said...

I searched "Story of the World narration" on Google and found your blog. It looks like we are doing much of the same thing so I followed you. I wanted to find out what everyone else's narration pages look like. I like the way your ideas. We just finished Story of the World Ancient Times and just started Story of the World Middle Ages. I want to put a greater emphasis on helping my daughter complete a narration for each chapter with this book. This post helped me alot. Thanks again.

Chelle said...

@ Veronica

you're so welcome - glad that a post could assist in helping you idea hop!

Off to look at your blog ;-)