25 January 2012

Story of the World Vol.4 Schedule ~ 2012

We're up and running with our updated, 2012, SOTW 4 schedule and are at the end of week 1A
(the initial, 2010, type up can be found here ).

I've removed some titles and made this years emphasis New Zealand history, while we read through Story of The World ~ Modern Times, by adding in the following NZ history books:

Builders of New Zealand By A.W. Reed (mentioned in previous posts & sadly, O.O.P) (Reader)

Illustrated History of New Zealand by Marcia Stenson (Read Aloud)

The Kauri & The Willow by Elsie Locke (Read Aloud)

The New Zealand Wars by Ross Calman (Read Aloud)

How Parliament Works by John Lockyer (Read Aloud)

We're not sticking, strictly, to Sonlight's cores 4/E and 7 /H this year, choosing instead to mix and match up the read alouds and reader titles from various cores to suit us. Namely a few titles from the old Core K, Core 5/F, and Core 100.

Geography will remain an ongoing study through this year.

We've added in a few good splashes of Australian literature too and will also be continuing our studies of hymns, composers, and artists.

While all the other subjects are sorted, with pdfs downloaded and printed, or books labelled and placed in work baskets, I'm still mentally juggling our grammar instruction choices.
*I* like Maxwells book, but ...

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