26 January 2012

Abraham Lincoln's WORLD ~ Notebooking Pages

We've put up our notebooking pages, to use with Genevieve Foster's book Abraham Lincoln's WORLD, over at HSlaunch.

We're hoping to create outlines of various portions of some of the chapters in A.L.W using set 1 of the pages beneath, and then write from our outlines using set 2.
Abraham Lincoln's WORLD ~ Notebooking pages: Set 1 (incs timeline option)
Abraham Lincoln's WORLD ~ Notebooking pages: Set 2 (incs paper dolls)
(For those wanting paper dolls of Abraham & Mary Lincoln to colour in - you'll find a few links, with some lovely black line paper dolls, listed in this post. )


Unknown said...

These are so pretty. I appreciate the clear directions for how you used them. I'll be featuring this at The Notebooking Fairy on Friday.

Chelle said...

Oh my!
Thanks for the lovely compliment Jimmie!

Anonymous said...

Chelle, just found these (thanks to Jimmie's heads up mention & they are pretty).
A big ask > would you be able to share these notebooking pages without the ALW text included?
I'd luv to use these for other topics.


Julie said...

I'd love it too without the ALW on them. Would that be too difficult to do? Thank you so much for sharing! We have been using much of your pages for our Sonlight Core b study this year.

Chelle said...

anonamom & Julie, happy to do that. Just let us know what colour you'd like the boxes and the title artwork to be.
I'll pop the pages over at hslaunch when I've finished them.

Brooke Connor said...

Hi, Chelle, I really like your notebooking pages, but wanted to ask how you are able to use the images, as they are copyrighted. Were you able to get permission from the publisher to copy them for personal use? Or is there something in applicable copyright laws that makes it okay to use them despite the prohibition on reproduction that is printed at the beginning of the books? I would love to use the images from our books, but don't want to break copyright laws to do so. Please let me know how you are doing it. Thanks so much, Brooke Connor

Chelle said...

Hi Brooke,
the images were free downloadable samples made available through Dover and are used as "examples only" - you can not use the images directly out of the books.
Chelle :)