31 December 2011

Latin Instruction for 2012

For the last 18 months, in an on off fashion, we've enjoyed using Song School Latin as our teaching tool for Latin - lots of fun and such a relaxed approach to introducing our household to this language.
We are really wanting to go deeper with this language but needed someone really confident with teaching this subject, that used a "verbal & visual " format, along with written practise - time to out source... well sort of ☺

And I *try* to be realistic since I just start to feel frazzled when I imagine I need to 'teach' all the subjects.

After idea shopping around a bit I happened on some posts on T.W.T.M forums about Visual Latin.

Time to show Dn first - liquid homeschooling funds are a little interesting at this time of the year, so I'm trying to shop with research-applied firmly in place.

Since others ask why? we want to study Latin, here are some good reasons: presented by the teacher of Visual Latin no less


reader19 said...

I was wondering if you all are doing the Visual Latin program? We are going to try the Prima Latina--maybe this week. I bought the set at a used homeschool sale almost 2 years ago, and think we might give it a try now. I was wondering if the hope for Latin was working at your home. I bought the other Song Latin book and disc that you show on your blog, and though I was okay with it, my Dd really didn't like the program. Wondering how you are doing with it--I always want to focus on Latin, but then life happens!!!

Chelle said...

Song School Latin worked for us in the pre-teen years - there would be some serious jibbing if I tried to use it now (big grin).
With Latin studies, the last few years I've found we just did not have time to fit Latin - or any foreign language studies - in all year long so we just tried to allocate a spot in our week to focus on a terms worth (or 2 terms) of 'other language' learning each year. Studying Latin for a term or two is better than no Latin at all IMHO ☺
This year, however, Daisy really WANTS to do French all year long so other things will have to be dropped to do that and as Jay will not longer be doing grammar studies we've put Visual Latin in that learning slot for him.
Perhaps I should type up a post about it :D