20 December 2011

A.L.L Bites the Dust - Now What?

ALL (Advance Language Lessons by Peace Hill Press) bites the dust… for now and I don't want to start a grammar text (free download and all) that is incomplete.

We were asked what we are going to use for grammar in 2012?
Good question I was wondering that too.

(I've pulled this post forward and tidied it up a little, so others who may be interested can browse the books too.)

We had a look back over grammar options I’d browsed through before and they all still seem to bring out that ugh-shudder action - a little like Goldilocks and the porridge tasting episode.
I did happen to find something that I think may be.. just right for Bobs logic level grammar: a few pdfs in my language arts hoarding folder by William Henry Maxwell.
For those outside the US, visiting this archive.org link takes your straight to a list of Maxwell's books online.

I'm archiving these next links for my own reference - they will take you straight to the grammar books in pdf:
Introductory lessons for intermediate grades
Advanced lessons for higher grammar grades
School grammar book

My plan is to get the introductory and advance lessons pdf's printed and spiral bound, then Bobs can work fairly independently with them.

I'll let you know how we get on, once we get to using these vintage texts.

**Update Feb ... We've decide we'll try Rod n Staff, grammar only, as I need a continuing grammar guide that will take us through a few years of grammar. I do still really like Maxwell's vintage text though - just lacking the confidence to use it :-o


Chareen said...

Grammar is not my strength I hate all the rules :(

A friend of mine has found some great resources. I will find out more information and pop back with some lists for you.

Thanks for sharing :)

Chelle said...

Please do pop back with some lists!!

(LOL at your grammar comment... grammar is my "NO strength" so rules are necessary ... & I sorta like them :-) )