09 October 2011

October 10: The Week Ahead

I'm praying the best laid plans of mice and (this woman) will not go awry and that we can manage to nail down a good weeks work ☺

Bible & Memory Work
Handwriting & Memory work: Ephesians 2:8-10
Amazing Grace: Illustrated Stories of Favourite Hymns
by K Osbeck: Abide With Me our Hymn to learn for 3 weeks

Classical Music
Story of Great Composers: Schubert (Unit 4 - pg 15)

Artistic Pursuits Bk 2: Lesson 22 (last lesson reinvented)
Mark Kistler - pencil sketching
Artist: Millet (for 5 weeks)

World History
Story of the World 3 Chapter 34: Freedom for South America
Reader for Both: Simon Bolivar (SL R4/E)
Encyclopedia tie-ins for SOTW3

New Zealand History
Builders of NZ Chapt 4: How the First White People Settled in New Zealand
pg65 - The Coming of the Sealers
pg67 - The Coming of the Whalers
pg68 - The Burning of the Boyd (L/A's narration and dictation)
pg69 - The Coming of the Traders
pg72 - Samuel Marsden, the Maoris' Friend
pg74 - The Coming of the Missionaries

NZ Read Aloud: (continuing with) Shadow of the Boyd
(Refer to our review about this book which includes this comment:
**I found the book an interesting and thought filled read.
Yet since I tend to err on the side of caution, I would be recommending to use Shadow of the Boyd as a read aloud to more mature pre-teens. For our family, I wouldn't give our children this book as a reader
DH has been editing out the swearing that the author has penned in amongst some of the retelling of this story - our choice.

Bobs Reader: (continue with) Diary of an Early American Boy (SL Sci4/E)
Bobs to Read out loud (RoL): free choice, & poetry
Daisy's Reader: Justin Morgan Had a Horse (SL RA3/D)
Daisy to RoL: 30 Hideous & Hilarious NZ ...pg 35 Whale Watching, & poetry

Language Arts
Instruction from WWE Text for both
Grammar: (next lesson in) Grammar Land
Spelling: AAS

Daisy: Making Math Meaningful (next lesson) plus 6x's table drill
Bobs: LOF - Pre Algebra 2 with Economics with MMM companion lessons (if necessary) plus math speed drill

Song School Latin: 3 lessons & review
English From the Roots Up: Latin Root ~ pater, patris

Chess: Bobs
Logic Puzzles or books: Both

Delight led with our science boxes
Spring gardening.

External Electives
(music lessons and swimming cancelled - public school term break)

And that's our weeks work. I just felt in the mood to type things out before Monday hits.
What are you up to this week? ☺

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