13 September 2011

Sonlight Core 3 - Eli Whitney

I am hoping to get the children diverted away from owls long enough to read The Story of Eli Whitney soon, maybe later this week... or next (?).
It's a book I'd really like the children to have read since a little while back Bobs and Dn enjoyed listening to JimWeiss read Carry on Mr Bowditch which is also written by Jean Lee Latham.
I had tentative plans to create a notebooking page for Eli Whitney and, fortunately for me, Nadene of Practical Pages has already created some lapnote & notebooking pages for this inventor.

Her pages also include clip art for Robert Fulton which, for us, was an earlier Sonlight Core 3/D.

If you haven't visited Nadene's blog before ... allow some time - Practical Pages is a veritable treasure trove!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish you had made some pages <3
your pages are the best to use for SOTW.