15 September 2011

3 Months of our Current Homeschool Year to Go and Our list of Books Still to Enjoy, or not....

I guess this post is more for myself than anything else - to help me see what I can put aside to be enjoyed as a random reader later - I do work better with a list.
Sometimes life gets a bit crunchy and it's helpful to see the books we have left to read in our learning year. Then it's time to ditch, switch, and re-sort.

The *really want to read* titles will get read, and enjoyed, along with Bobs readers and Daisy's picture books (she loves them!) plus her readers.

Currently Reading:
~ George Washington’s World H7 - Still reading
~ In Search of Honor – R7 – Great book, but we've put it aside for a bit
~ The Broken Blade – R7 (J)
~ The Story of Eli Whitney (opt: not 3/4) - both
~ Owls in the Family (a delight lead read)

What’s Left to Read:
OPTIONAL (1810) ~ The Journey Man - RA3 (
opt: not 3/4)
READER ~ Usborne – Napoleon (S)
READ ALOUD ~ Naya Nuki - R3+ (swapped to 3/4) * really want to read*
READER ~ Meet Thomas Jefferson R3 (S)
AUDIO 1804 ~ Streams to the River, River to the Sea -100
FIAR (S) ~ The Hat Makers Sign ~ Fleming
READ ALOUD SCIENCE ~ Diary of An Early American Boy - Sci 4
OPTIONAL READER (J) ~ The Death of Tecumseh (Canada)-Berton
OPTIONAL READER (J) ~ Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo - Winwar

READER ~ Trailblazer 1812 ~ Abandoned on the Wild Frontier (J)
AUDIO ~ Justin Morgan Had a Horse RA3
OPTIONAL READER (opt: not 3/4) ~ Simon Bolivar -4R
READ ALOUD ~ The Story of the Erie Canal – H3
READER (both) ~ Louis Braille- Davidson - R5
READ ALOUD ~ Imprisoned in the Golden City - H3 (swpd to 3/4) *really want to read*
FIAR (S) ~ Follow the Drinking Gourd
READ ALOUD ~ The Freedom Fighter – Bingham *really want to read*
AUDIO (dramatised) beneath or BOOK (England 1800's)
~ Rosalie’s Good Shepherd ~ Walton/Queen (mum's reader ... I like a book or 2 like this (-;
~ A Peep Behind the Scenes (original title - dramatised audio for Bobs & Daisy)
FIAR (S) ~ The Giraffe That Walked to Paris
READER (J) ~ Swift Rivers - R3 (opt: not 3/4)
OPTIONAL READER (S) 1883 ~ Friends ~Whelan
FIAR (S) ~
The Gullywasher
PICT BK (S) ~ Susanna of the Alamo - Jakes
OPTIONAL READ ALOUD ~ Moccasin Trail - RA4 (opt: not 3/4)
AUDIO ~ Nory Ryan’s Song – R7
NZ PICT BK (revisit with S) ~ Aoteatoa ~ Baldwin H NZ
NZ READ ALOUD ~ The Bat's Nest - de Roo *really want to read*
NZ PICT BK (S) 1830’s+ ~ The Treaty House – Orams
NZ PICT BK (S) ~ Tarore & Her Bible
NZ OPT. READ ALOUD ~ The Children of Clearwater Bay ~ Ellin (Fam. R/A )
NZ READER (J) ~ Tuppenny Brown ~ Sutton
READ ALOUD ~ Levi Straus-The Blue Jeans. Ex SL* really want to read*
READ ALOUD ~ By the Great Horn Spoon - RA4 (3/4)
NZ READER (J) 1850 (boys) ~ Traveller ~ de Roo
NZ READER (S) 1850 (girls) ~ Sergeant Sal ~ de Roo
Christmas lead in’s:
~ Bartholomew’s Passage * really want to read*

READ ALOUD ~ The Birds’ Christmas Carol
(on line option) * really want to read*
NZ NATURE READ ALOUD ~ A Pocketful of Penguins
* really want to read* Many of the NZ titles we read can be sourced through NZ's library interloan

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Anonymous said...

10 green "read alouds" sitting on the shelf,
10 green "read alouds"
sorry Chelle just couldn't resist.

You'll nail it down with room to spare.
blessings friend.