15 March 2011

Math with Money - NZ Currency.

Math with Money - NZ Currency.

Daisy’s math for a few weeks has been money, and time, and since our text (Making Math Meaningful) is American - the dollars and cents work in there is just not going to cut it for us – no need to reinvent the wheel I’ve just taken a side step to work with our currency.

Here are the few sheets we threw together for review and placed over at HSlaunch:

Pages for Math using New Zealand Money . (We've included pictures in our next post.)

For those wanting to generate their own worksheets online you can do that at on line math.

Then just because we could: I pulled out the play money, drafted up a sheet in pencil with pictures for shopping time while Daisy got out the play cash registar ..... and math becomes “play” time; which is very distracting for Bobs :-)

It’s a little hard to computate la.oooooooooooooooooong division when your little sister is ka-chinging and rattling around with plastic money. It is to be noted however that they went on to make rather purchases well into the thousands, once Bobs abandoned his division drill.

The sheets we hand drew included basic money skills:

1: A dress cost $32.50. You gave the cashier $40.00, how much change did she give you?

(And Daisy would work the amount of change out with the play money - no writing involved here just all practical application).

Here's another: 2: You purchased an ice-cream for $2.30 and a bottle of water for $2.70. How much did you spend in total?

And etc… She enjoyed herself.

A link we used that may interest other kiwi’s too, was The Reserve Bank website .

If you start clicking around under the schools tab, located on the left hand side of their web page, you’ll find some extras that make good ‘go alongs’ for a unit on NZ money.

For those pressed for time: The direct link to the school projects page is here . And for teachers items, try here.

From their site we ordered some free booklets to read through about the history of NZ currency (very interesting) and a smaller wall size chart with details about our current currency.

Those items can be found on this page under Currency.

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I can just see your DC doing the whole rattling & ka.chinging episode.
Nice little extra Chelle.