13 December 2010

End of Year Learning ~ Part 2

End of Year Learning ~ Part 2
Billy Bones Science and Gift Giving Math

With Bobbi: for his personal end of the year learning he's been very casually doing a few lessons in Teaching Textbooks & reading a good mix of math, science & history related books.

Along with listening to the dramatised audio bible he's been faithfully crafting his skeleton (Billy Bones) and just doing, well, boy sorts of things.... and counting the days, hours & minutes until Christmas day :)
Daisy: math became a gift-giving baking episode.
We sat down with the recipes for Daisy to work out on jotter paper the sums needed to double each recipe.
Then we set to baking ... Daisy had a wonderful time and the recipients of her math time we're rather pleased :-)

She's (& her marmee) enjoying listening to What Katie Did and What Katie Did at School and is continuing to read a mountain of books (!!) along with creating some lovely-mess-making crafts. Fun!

One of Daisy's delight directed projects was to create a piece of bone - to test the strength of our bones.
Here are the pictures - should anyone else want to have a go.

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