12 December 2010

End of Year Learning ~ Part 1

End of Year Learning ~ Part 1

We had such good intentions to make a jump start on Core 3/SOTW3 ... however life-would-just-get-in-the-way and the reality looks a little different to our intentions.

Together: we've been learning our bible verses and creating 'beautiful' pieces of copywork (smile) as well as reading through Jotham's Journey which is a very interesting, thought provoking advent story (we are not doing the whole 'light XYZ candle' thing though).
I didn't think I was going to appreciate it very much, the book starts out with Jotham's total lack of character on full display ... read on marmee dear, the child is going to develop character with some hard earned lessons.
**For those with sensitive children "pre-reading is adviseable".

Both children have been practising for their end of the year music concerts and playing 'beat the bag scrabble' and listening to audio books while they play: the audio books of current choice have been the dramatised audio bible, The Treasure Seekers, The Wouldbe Goods and, Ivanhoe. They do like variety.
I'll detail more about their individual pockets of learning, complete with pictures, next time.
To be continued ....

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