28 September 2010

Story of The World Vol.3 Notebooking Pages

The hslaunch link later in this post for our Cut-n-Craft, lapnote and notebooking pages are a few examples of what we plan to do for some of our history narration times with Story of the World Vol.3.

Daisy likes to craft and I like to have a reminder of a least some of the year's history sessions, so notebook pages like these are a good compromise for us both.

We've set these with a Story of the World 3 Early Modern Times header and have included lapnotes, some Story of the World 3 notebook pages for writing and drawing, & Cut-n-Craft and art pages.

Some of these pages could be used for SOTW 3 in Sonlight Core 6, yet many have been created with a younger child in mind ....... ours (smile)

I've included some pre-set pages and topics and left other notebook pages for general use.

The pre-set topics are:
Captain Cook
Convict Ships to Australia
Coal Mines (& children in the coal mines)
New Zealand Wars & Hone Heke cuts down the British flagpole
Californian Goldrush -49er's
Trail of Tears
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Marie Antionette

Our Story of the World Vol.3 notebooking pages can be found over at HSlaunch.

Don't forget to check out the freebie notebooking and lapnote components  Homeschool in the Woods have to 'go-along' with this era.
Be sure to go over to this link if you are looking for some free American History Notebooking pages and colour in sheets.

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