28 September 2010

Notebooking Pages New Zealand History 1700 & 1800's

Notebooking Pages New Zealand History 1700 & 1800's

We've created these notebooking pages to go with our New Zealand History studies, while we read through Story of the World Vol.3.
I guess they are more narration and dictation pages ... our way.
I've switched the header to History of New Zealand so that anyone else interested could use these pages instead of just crafting them as a Story of the World Vol 3 notebooking pages set.
Included are notebooking pages or lapnote pages for:

Captain Cook's discovery of New Zealand (Here is another extra too ... a Captain Cook Colour in page)
The Maori Wars

The price of a musket in the 1800's (complete with referencing link)

&, An art page - Complete the drawing of Hone Heke cutting down the British flagpole.

I'm not sure how much of look in New Zealand History gets in the earlier Sonlight Cores since we elected to go with our own chouce of history spine, Story of the World.

NZ history does come up in Core 6 & Core 7 since some of the history text for those two cores are Story of the World.

Again, our New Zealand History / Story of the World 3 notebook pages & art and craft pages can be found over at HSlaunch


Aadel Bussinger said...

I found these on HS Launch and we have been using them to make a New Zealand notebook. Thank you!

Chelle said...

You're very welcome!
If you ever decide to share a post of your NZ notebook, and you feel like :D, please do leave a link in the comments section - NZ inspired home educating visuals can be so hard to find!!

(Thanks for leaving a comment here, otherwise I would never have found your excellent post on delight directed learning with your 7th grader!!)

Aadel Bussinger said...

I actually had it scheduled and it posted today!