25 September 2010

Science Curriculum for 2010 - 2011

I guess some of you that know the success of my science habits to date are laughing about now :-)

But this is a really- truly- bonfide post about science curriculum.
We purchased the packages and have great plans to use a set science curriculum - stop laughing ladies (it's pretty much child driven, so it's all looking good ... to me).

We have pondered over, purchased and unpacked .... Exploration Education Science Curriculum
I guess this post is more an initial review about the company's service &, (laughing) no I'm not getting paid to type this, I find it helpful to read of others experiences with individual companies so thought we'd return the favour:
First off, yes, this company does ship to New Zealand.
The box arrived within a 7 day time frame and each kit was well packaged - good international standard packaging!
We did have one small hitch with our order from Exploration Education, they sent the same disc, Elementary Edition, for each box - no fuss, just one email from us and they had the correct disc in the post ASAP!
They didn't charge extra to post the correct disc to New Zealand (some companies do - ask me how I know), nor did they require us to return the incorrect disc - though we offered to do that.
Their email response was from a real person and their service was prompt, professional, & friendly.

I like good service like that.

I've had the boxes sitting there waiting to start for a good while now as I've been planning on starting science with the exploration kits once we'd finished SOTW2 (yep .. an excuse, but I thought it was a good one).
The children are keen to start, so it's all looking promising so far.

I've purposely chosen levels that will be 'easier' for Bobbi and Daisy to work through, okay real easy for these child, sorry folks, since if mum is to lead science after about a week all science curriculum just falls OFF the learning menu.
I know they'll zoom through their personal curriculum boxes - a little ouch with the price on Bobbi's box, yet it feels a little better knowing that Daisy will hopefully use his science box in the future.
I'd be a bit concerned if this takes a full year for the children to complete since the content is a easier reach for them both .... watch this space I guess.Fortunately our children are real science lovers, maybe because their science journey to date has been so 'delight led' with a pile of engaging literature, DvDs, hands on stuff, and discovery excursions - their dad loves sciencey stuff too, so that helps.

Here are some pictures to kick of the beginning of our Exploration Education - before use that is...
Here are a few pictures of Daisy's line up.
Now for the rest of Bobbi's box of hands on science

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