25 September 2010

Hands on Math, or beautiful Glass buttons as Math Manipulatives

We use all sorts of manipulatives for math, yet Daisy's favourite set of manipulatives would have to be the treasures out of our glass button's tin.

Glass buttons make pretty necklaces for this child but even greater than (no pun intended) that is their versatility as math manipulatives - it's the whole hands on process of selecting out the buttons you want to use first...... right there is a great place for us to engage in skip counting review, then it's the added bonus of having all these visually pleasing items to use for math - it's a win win situation for this particular child.
(Bobbi still enjoys fossicking around in the brass & metal button's jar - just not for math (smile). His current aim is to find the oldest/rarest button in the jar.)

As an aside; large plastic buttons and fishing nylon, with a button aready knotted as a keeper on one end, makes a great early math game of sorting, threading and 'snake' making, for younger children.
Though we've had teen aged children, and adults, content to jump right into the button math snake making episode.

Right, back to math for this week: We've taken another break from Miquon Math and are using Making Math Meaningful ( MMM ) again for a while. This style of math work is very miquon-ish, and so Daisy loves it.

The math lessons were focused on grouping and one teaching session requested the use of buttons and/or marbles. Perfect!
Mum sketched in the item's of clothing needing button math done on them and, viola - all set.

Needless to say, math this week was a resounding success.

Daisy was totally unconcerned about doing division with 'a remainder' - for her it was all about playing with the buttons. Love math times that come together like that.

A potential workbox idea:
A page or two with a modified idea like that would make a great math workbox idea - the buttons would need to be presorted into a ziplock bag first though.

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