06 September 2010

Bible Copywork & Memorisation

We like to learn bible verses set to music, where we can, and to that end use some of the songs on The Harrow C/D's which Sonlight sells and schedules out in their IG's .

The words of each verse are so much easier for our family to memorise once we've completed a copywork sheet to go with it, I like to craft one too while the children are completing theirs.

We normally use Startwrite to create a lot of our copywork sheets since it models the exact handwriting style the children are learning to write in, but occasionally I like to throw together other pages in microsoft publisher - just because.

This weeks scripture is Proverbs 1:7 and you can find the pages (below) over at HSlaunch.
We place the typed verse in our blackboard 'scripture frame' on the wall (see 1/2 way down this post for those that like visuals) to be viewed all week, and Daisy enjoys the coloured in look.

For memorisation with our next Core 3/4, and SOTW3 & SOTW4, we are choosing to use some of the songs out of The Harrows CD's that are used alongside bible in Sonlight's Cores 3 and 4.

I'm not too fussed on the guides in the bible selection SL provides for those two Cores, so we'll be using something else.

With SOTW3 we'll be using a selection out of the books and C.D's shown in the picture below. We thought it would be a nice change to have a more focused introduction to hymnists and their pieces this next year, or 2, so that is where we have scheduled our plans to head - taking a leisurely amble through Stories of the Great Hymns while listening to the music C.D's when it suits (and the clincher for us was we already had these things tucked away on the shelves to use ...... sometime).
With The Building on the Rock series, which I've pencilled into the first part of our SOTW3 schedule, we will be using the shorter stories only and then reading the relevant bible scriptures they list to go with each story - some of the references are a perfect opportunity for smaller fingers to navigate flipping backwards and forwards through the bible to more than one set of scriptures.

The Mr. Pipes series does not give corresponding bible readings so we'll use some of Sonlight's bible reading schedule during that time - it'll work well for us.

With SOTW4, still fine tuning and thinking about bible time choices for that (smile)

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