07 August 2010

Organising Our Schedules for 2010 - 2012 and Links

Yes, you did read the date range in the title right :)

I find it easier to make a herculean effort and knock out 2 years of basic scheduling all at once and then fine tune the schedule just before we start to use it.
After seeing what Carole (kiwimum), thanks Carole, had done with MOH and Sonlight I decided adding dates into our schedule was going to make it easier for me to line things up, it was easier to do than I thought once I laid all the books out on the table.
Our new schedule for SOTW3/2010-2011 is all typed, mostly fine tuned and ready to start.
The books are sorted, shuffled and shelved - ready to be enjoyed.And the schedule for SOTW4/2012 is typed up waiting for fine tuning, later. We used these SOTW 4 pages already typed up by barefoot meandering to draft things out in pencil first.I've placed our working schedule for SOTW3 over at HSlaunch.
Here's the link 6 weekly Schedule for SOTW 3, SL3, etc...

I've also placed our 'in-it's-raw-very-first-type-up' schedule for 2012 using Story of the World Vol.4 with the 2nd part of Sonlight Alt 3/4 ( a good chunk of Core 4, really ) and New Zealand History over at HSlaunch too.
Here's the link 6 weekly Schedule for SOTW 4, SL4, etc...

But in the interim, let's get back to SOTW3's schedule.
We've elected to go with Sonlight Core Alt 3/4 over 2 years alongside SOTW3 & SOTW4.
We've matched the first half of alt. 3/4 up with SOTW 3 and added in other books that we though we'd like to enjoy, many of them taken from a full SL Core 3.

I've decided not to use Homeschool Tracker 'properly' with our next year of learning ... we need the freedom to just wing things a little with our curriculum choices since this year I'm wanting to pull together bits and pieces from a variety of sources.
And I didn't want to take the time to type.it.all.out. when it's less time consuming to just match up the pages we'll be using for our next 6 weeks worth of work.

If you want to see an amazing thread about files, and scheduling, and sorting - take an hour, or 5 ( grin) , and stop by this thread over at The Well Trained Mind forums.
This blog has a great visual a filefolder system, if we had more than 2 children this would work so well for us.

However, we'll still be using our folders and tabs system, with a few adjustments gleaned from that enormous thread. Our folder (binder) system works so well for us, so I'm leaving it alone.
The one adjustment I am trying is to make, ahead of time, is to purchase more student work pages on pdf - just saves a ton of time not having to sort redundant pages and saves storage space (which always seems to be at a premium).

Our weekly scheduled time plan, created on Homeschool Tracker, has been adjusted and will continue to be our reference for *what next* during the day.
Having a time plan as my servant, not my master, is a really helpful guide to assist me while I try to be more effective in juggling the teaching time our children need with me at their individual learning levels.
The picture, below, is for a Monday's plan.
Now if I could just get SOTW 2 & Core 2 completed (looks like we have 6 weeks to go!!) I can take a break ...... and then look forward to enjoying our new History Spine & Core sometime before chirstmas arrives.
I'll type more, another time, regarding our other curriculum choices for next year - about things we'll be starting in 2011.

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