03 March 2010

White Stallion of Lipizza By Marguerite Henry

We've just created some language arts, & other, pages to go with this book, it is such a good base to rabbit trial from .....
Once we've trotted through our lapnote, geography and languages arts lessons with this book I'll post up pictures for viewing.

In the mean time, I'm not sure we can share this page with it's art work via HS Launch ............... .... but the pages that we are able to, can be found at these links:
White Stallion Language arts pages - copywork/narration/dictation
**(NB: We changed the grammar topic & the copywork piece for the L/A pages & forgot to update the end note, it should have it's gammar topic as metaphors not adjectives.
I'm suprised that no-one has (yet) felt so inclined to provide a 'ready- made-with-templates' lapbook for purchase or use with this excellent story .
A slide show of Vienna, and The Spanish Riding School can be viewed here.

Edit that :-)  After checking the link Flis mentioned in the comments area, do make sure you go over to   Jimmie's lens   to view 2 completed Lipizza lapbooks.

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Anonymous said...

These pages have just saved me a ton of work. Thanks.

I see you're on Jimmie's lens.