03 March 2010

Maths for 2010

We've moved to our new learning year in the base subjects (math & language arts)
and have chosen to go with these:

For Bobbi;
Teaching Text Books  (ETA: This math course did not work well for Bobs long term, he ended up having very little retention of topics covered, and supposedly mastered.  We ended up switching to Khan Academy, which was a much better format for him.)
Life of Fred
Making Math Meaningful (some of for a change)
lots of math literature and games

For Daisy;
Making Math Meaningful
Miquon (the rest of)
Singapore Math CD/Roms
lots of math literature, Penrose the Mathematical Cat etc.... , and games

Here   (link repaired 04/2105) is a good link for a few earlier math games & a hands on literary based maths book too.

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