21 November 2009

New Zealand History Links

New Zealand Flora and Fauna

Instead of rabbiting on at length about what we are doing for New Zealand History, alongside chapter 10 in Story of the World Vol.2, I'll type a quick overview of what we're using for early/middle ages NZ History and then share all the links we currently have in our files for others to enjoy as they wish.

We are doing early New Zealand history and have chosen to make our 'science' New Zealand flora and fauna during this time.
Polynesian Explorers by Kathryn Rountree (oop)
The Fish of Maui by Peter Gossage

DVD: What Lies Beneath

Look under the Leaves by Elsie Locke (oop)
If you can source this book, we think it is a worthy purchase, Locke's focus is primarily on the NZ eco-system and nature study which she has undergirdered with our history.

New Zealand Nature Study Links:
NZ Conservation Club
New Zealand Fact File
New Zealand Sea Birds

New Zealand Birds
Janet Marshall New Zealand Birds
NZ Penguin
NZ Penguin Species
New Zealand Kiwi

Kiwi Colour-in
Kereu Unit Study
Pania of The Reef - Fish
NZ Educational Nature/Science worksheets

New Zealand Animals

Enchanted Learning NZ animals
TVNZ meet the locals
Nature Journaling Pages
Activity Finder Activities to do in NZ
New Zealand Insects

New Zealand Geography and History:
NZ UnitStudy
KnowledgeQuest Maps
NZ Map 1
NZ Map Outline
NZ Maps 2

ABC Teach Blank map
Maori Place Names
NZ Geog Sites wick Ed
NZ Craft to make
Crafts For Kids NZ maori crafts
Auckland Museum Poi Making
NZ Recipes Recipe Page
NZ Educational Te Papa Museum
teara NZ online encyc
NZ Gold Strike gold
Historic NZ (click on each loaction, some have extras of interest)

Our Book list post number 3 here
TeacherPlanet links
NZ Theme NZ unit study links
Maori Curriculum photographic . good ideas gr3-6
NZ Carving Maori Carving

New Zealand History:
History Pictures PAID for time line figures
NZ Early History
History Timeline

NZ Maori
World War 2 their story
ANZAC's for NZ.ers

New Zealand Missionaries:
NZ History
Maori and the British

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