21 September 2009

Australian Craft
We enjoyed a few days 'glancing' at Australia with a dear friends children - All the children crafted some work they enjoyed, but here we'll just show our families offering.

Our nature study walk, with a Gumnuts baby theme, produced the crafts above & just below . (Bobbi's L.O.T.R's hand was his free-lance contribution (-: Both of our children love self-hardening clay but we haven't quiet mastered the 'art' of getting the creations to s.t.a.y. together.)

Next was Aborginal Art .

We printed out a page of symbols and had a trial run before painting a symbol on gumtree bark.

Not 'perfect masterpieces' (much to one child's disappointment) but the children really enjoyed themselves and learnt. For me that counts the VERY most!
I wish my friend had a blog (hint hint) so we could show the wonderful idea of what she's done with her children's paintings. (Cut them up and created a craft page with explanations of the symbols the children painted)

Our source links are found in this post. ( Our not.a.workbox ideas)

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