10 September 2009

Geography Update

This is what we are currently doing, and the children and I are really enjoying ourselves.
I'll make our example, below, using the study we have just done on Canada, since happyHSer helped birth this post with her question ... thanks A {{smile}}
SL - Geography Songs pg 43

We use the Twister Game discs set out as a hop, skip, &, jump morning exercise game to assist in learning our geog songs.
We alternate the way the game is played to keep it interesting.
This morning we sang along to the C/D and used our skipping ropes - Yes, inside :-)

Wee Sing Around the World (Song 2 Going Over the Sea)
(not singing to learn just listening to for enjoyment while we load/empty the dish drawer some mornings).

World Sticker Atlas (match flags to correct country - wall map)
I can't find a sellers link for this book, we purchased from a bargain bin. The ISBN is 13:978-1-7415-7711-2 and is produced by Hinkler Books

Around the World – Colouring Book by Winky Adam. Page 5
Sonlight’s Markable World Map (we have the older black line one).

We use the 4 items, above, in conjunction with our atlas/book first (!) and what we're doing, though very simple, is just making the lessons an enjoyable referencing ‘find xyz’ game for Bobbi and Daisy.

How it looks in action....
1: Find the right country/page in the atlas, taking note of Canada's shape.
2: Using World Sticker Atlas locate the correct flag sticker for Canada, run out to the hallway and place it on our wall map.
3: Colour in just the flag on the corresponding Around the World Colouring Book - Canada page 5 .
4: They help me to find the land area on SL’s markable map & call out/tell me the correct spelling of Canada.

5: Evan Moore World Ref Maps page 27
(We are using select maps from this very in a Story Of The World-ish style – getting the children to identify by colour the areas being studied.
This could be done inside the Geog songs book, but I wanted those pages left clean for when we go through our geography review at the end of Core 2.)

Colour in Code For Canada
1: Novia Scotia - Lavender
2: Manitoba - Bright Blue
3: Ontario - Red
4: Prince Edward Island - Dark Brown
5: New Brunswick - Orange
6: Newfoundland - Blue
7: Alberta - Lime Green
8: British Columbia - Pale Pink
9: Yukon Terrritory - Pale Blue
10: Nunavut - Brown
11: Saskatchewan - Dark Pink
12: Northwest Territories - Bright Yellow
13: Quebec - Flesh

The next are books and are enjoyed on different days.
6: DK Children Just like Me Page 23

7: Material World (not scheduled just a casual pick up)
These 2 make good comparison viewing when both have the same countries. No page for Canada

8: Adding in at least 1 picture book to go with the country we are ‘learning’ about.
Five in a Row and Homeschool Share are excellent sources to start with though living in a smaller NZ township does make it rather a challenge for us to quickly source some of the lovely picture books, or chapter books, that are so readily available elsewhere to go with Canada:-)

The ladies on Sonlight gave us some excellent suggestions (!!) and so Anne of Green Gables (the Dvd) was a great visual substitute tie - in.

Homeschool Share - Canada Unit Studies and other books


Anonymous said...

Heah Chelle, you know we want one of these for every geography song now :-)

Anonymous said...

I know of quite a few Hsers that follow your blog, gr8 find!
Thnx for sharin.
El %-)

Chelle said...

incog.mom nice request ;-)
We'll post up a few as we go....

Chelle said...

Thanks El!