11 September 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study
We've be slowly getting this 'idea' streamlined for our Narnia study at the end of Core 2, I'm not actually sure we are going to use it - there's so much else we want to do more.
You'll all know, eventually, whether we decided to immerse ourselves into Narnia as a study and not just for listening/reading enjoyment.

I'm sure the end result would/will be different than this rough type up which we're sharing in advance incase our musings are of interest to others.
This small list is exhaustive, but here you have it :-)

Black line picture from here.

Audio C/D's Focus on the Family (These are Daisy's very favourite audio C/D's)
Audio C/D's BBC

Extra Resources and Crafts:
Lucy Learns
Study Questions for each book
WW2 Children gentle intro to children living during WWII
Game ration spending
Crafts make your own
Activity Village - Scroll down a little once you're there
Lapbooks to consider:

Hands of a Child With type it in feature for Bobbi (?)
Live n Learn Check with LnL - are the picts cartoony(??)

**happy homeshooler, Sl forums, shared this guide with us Further Up and Further In
Games: Board Game both our children, and their collection of friends enjoy playing it (ages range from 6-12) .
Most are ideas easy to add to our folders / workboxes

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Best list yet.