29 July 2018

Picture Post, and a book review ~ July 2018

The Ranchsliders are finally in and glazed
One of the engagement cards Daisy crafted
The first wedding card Daisy's ever made, she really struggled with it.
Leroy LOVES to be in on piano practice
Daisy's current read. I edited the profanity out first.
Adding a review of a 'highschool' audiobook I've just listened to: 
This was a recommended homeschool history book (Sonlight Core 300) that we never  read with the children - we have heard some first-hand accounts from Cambodian friends who were young teens in Cambodia during the late 1970's.
This a sober, harrowing, and gritty listen. The love, care and respect this family have for one is heartening – along with their deeply held Buddhist faith – those traits seem to undergird the incredible resilience Teeda's family required to endure each next heartache and hardship.  The fact that all, bar one member of their family group make it through that holocaust seems miraculous.  Although the writing may not rank as the very best in literary terms, I felt compelled to keep reading.  This is a story that stays with you, long after the last word is read.  
(Extra: while the author/s detail the atrocities of a despotic, genocidal, regime it is done in a more sobering, factual tone without “glorifying” the very real horror or the gore of the events taking place.  Beheadings, mass murders, the horrors of slavery, an account of gang rape, the desperation and vulnerability of fleeing refugees.) 

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