19 September 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 19th Sept 2016 (Tentative Planning for 2017)

With just 9 weeks of history and literature work left on our schedule both of the children are starting to feel pretty motivated, and at about this point is when they start pushing encouraging me to help them get through the work load quicker.
Jay is really looking forward to having all his Reader Responses completed and the last one submitted to Te Kura  (NZ Correspondence School) this week, then he'll start working on a research paper.
Daisy has upped her workload on Essentials in Literature, and, Essentials in Writing so that she can complete both courses this year.  
Added to this hive of activity from them, I've started to idea toss about what we're going to do next year.  It will be the first year that I only have one student doing a history based learning year, as Jay will be focusing on his final year of educating at home which includes extra-curricular courses, a world view course, and a christian counselling study.
Daisy now has the option of studying through any era of history she'd like to over the next two years and we'll match and patch the literature content in.  

Our Week Ahead:
September Monday 19  2016

All:  Luke 20+

History & Geography
Notes:   Battle of Britain 1940
     Churchill 1874-1956
Hymn:  Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go  ~ B.B. McKinney (1936)
(Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.293)
Hitler’s Speeches/Documentary
BBC – World Wars (Churchill’s Speeches)

History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times:      
o   Ch: 26 WWII (pt.2) p.394-397a, 398b-408a

2:  ITTC:  C.S.Lewis  – The Screwtape Letters (1941) p.335
3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia
o   p.414-15 (War in the West 1939-45)
4:   DKH:  Blitzkreig
o   p. 392-93
o   BP Map 26  WWII (pt 2)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
o   1:  Parallel Journeys ~ Eleanor Ayer (1938+)  SL 300
Free Reading
The Chestry Oak ~ Seredy


reader19 said...

Hello dear friend,
I was on your blog last week, and listened to the song by Allan Jackson. It was such a coincidence as I was trying to reinforce that I should accept whatever cup the Lord wants me to drink from, instead of asking for a pass each time that particular cup comes my way! That song was an encouragement for me! Thought I'd share that! Thanks for posting your books and audio's and encouraging me along the way!! Sending you a bouquet of flowers to brighten your day! Praying for you each day, friend!

Chelle said...

My friendship and prayer right back to you Tracy!
I find so much encouragement in hymns; they are a wonderful way to lift clouds that try to settle over one.
Hoping that you're enjoying the beauty of autumn!!