22 August 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ 22 August 2016 (Nearly Spring Time!)

It's only a few weeks until Spring 'officially' arrives here:  it's so nice to have the days getting progressively warmer and to have the sun setting later.  
The last week has definitely felt easier to get some outdoors exercise in without the need to bundle up too.  Lovely!
Daisy and I have 12 weeks worth of scheduled history and literature to complete for this year and then we'll be getting ready for Christmas .....

Just posting the new topics and reads for our week ahead:

August Monday  22  2016

History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times:      
o   Ch: 23 The Great Depression  p.336-348A (selections) 
2: Story of New Zealand
o   Ch:16  Depression & the Welfare State p.172-184
3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia
o   p.404-405 (Great Depression), 
o   Arts p.426-27,
o   Architecture p.428-29, 
o   Science p.430-31

o   Review New Zealand Regions (Lizardpoint)
o   BP Map 23  U.S.A

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
Free Reading

Small Acts of Amazing Courage ~ Gloria Whelan (thanks Allie & Elise for recommending this!)

All:  Luke 17+
History & Geography
Hymn:  Lead Me to Calvary  ~ Jennie E. Hussey (1921)
 (Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.281) 

Artist:   George Edmund Butler     wk 1 of 4
Behind the Twisted Wire: NZ Artists in World War 1 ~ Jennifer Haworth Ch:5-6  (library book)
2:  Book Basket:

o   Parallel Journeys ~ Ayer   (SL 300)


Allie said...

Glad you are enjoying "Small Acts..."! The sequel is "All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens". I liked that one, too, but am holding off on E & E reading that until we do Core 300.

Chelle said...

Daisy has asked for the sequel, and thanks for your recommendation (just went and ordered it for her).
Wondering if it's the content/issues that is making you hold it off for Core 300 - more mature students- or do the themes lend themselves to Core 300?