05 July 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ 04 July 2016 (WW 1 Pt2)

This week gifted us with having just passed the halfway mark in our learning year.  2016 is going so fast, too fast,  when I look at the academic things we are hoping to achieve before the end of the year.

I thought other mums educating highschoolers at around  NZ year 12 (U.S. Grade 11) might be interesting to take a peak at Jay's English line up for this week.  He doesn't find the Te Kura format very inspiring; however, he has a very supportive and vibrant English teacher there  and me breathing down his neck  encouraging him here at home, so between the two of us we are managing to make the tasks more palatable.  He is also using Essentials in Writing Level 12 as it helps to break up the pace and give Jay some one on one writing tuition.

One of the TWTM moms gave some succinct advise for students that are proposing to carry on with further studies after highschool:  ensure you are giving your highschool student regular practice, every week, at expressing their thoughts CLEARLY on paper (in various styles of essays, research papers, etc..).

Daisy (14yrs old)  is also using Matthew Stephen's Essentials in Writing, and, Essentials in Literature this year and  both courses are a really good fit for her.  In her spare time she's also decided to try her hand at writing a book.   I don't know what it's about and am not to read it until she's done.  (She's currently at the 3,000 (approx) word mark, so it could be a while before I get to see any of the typed progress. )

History & Geography  
2:  Bp Early Modern Times:   Ch: 18 Russian Rev,  WW1 pt2 p.259-272 
4:  ITTC: Joseph Conrad ~ Heart of Darkness (1899) p.303

Mapping:   B.P  Wk 18   Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
o            3:  Winston Churchill ~ Severance
  4:  Outliers ~ Gladwell         

2:  Audio’s this week: 
 Christian Lectures (sermons)

1:  Literature Study:  Propaganda:  The Jews are To Blame ~ Goebbels (essay).     Week 2 of 4    
2:  Work on Reader Response, for Te Kura,  to above essay.      Week 1 of 2
3:  Complete first draft  on Courage vs Bravery.       Week 2 of 3
4:  Send Business Communication Letters,  draft copies, to Te Kura teacher.  Work on any rewrites required.

History & Geography  
2:  Bp Early Modern Times:    Ch: 18 Russian Rev, WW1 pt2 p.259-272 
3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia  p.390-391  (Battles of WW1  1914-1918)

Wk 18   Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Review:  Countries of the World  Quizz (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
1:  Mother  ~  Norris  
2:  The Keeper of the Bees ~ Stratton-Porter WW1   
3:  Winston Churchill ~ Severance

Free Reading

2:  Audio’s this week:
Christian Lectures (sermons)  

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