02 May 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ May 2 2016 (Includes Book Reviews)

Term break seems to have gone so quickly; and here we are back to scheduled learning.
I did manage to get some encouragement listening done amongst the other things I was wanting to work on last week.
One of the audiobooks I started listening to was Sally Clarkson's Own Your Life, the topics covered in this particular book resonates so deeply with me.  Much of what Sally writes about is the way I aspire, prayerfully, to live my life ....I said aspire, not attained to ☺.    Recommending this book!

I've also managed to listen through The Great Gatsby ~ Fitzgerald, and am currently a good way through  Alas, Babylon ~ Frank - both are SL Lit 300 reads.
Gatsby is an easy listen (read), almost too easy - Fitzgerald writes with such fluidity and almost poetic, beautiful, prose, which could lull one into missing the content that is actually going on in the book; emotional and physical adultery,  drug and drink induced binge parties,  along with other low calibre conduct that could also be found in the jazz era. For other mums that like to know about additional content issues, Fitzgerald includes two sensual encounters: one premarital, the other adulterous.
I'd like Jay to go through Gatsby next year (2017) with the sensual content edited;  with that adjustment it makes for a great conversational read.
Alas, Babylon also has sensuality interspersed through the beginning chapters, and a few chapters towards the end , along with some language content. (We'll be editing out the former.)  I'm thinking of including this title as one of Jay's reads for this year as the story line is very interesting - written in 1959 Frank details the collapse of the United States after a nuclear war, as he sees it.

Our Week Ahead, which predominately details just what we're doing for History and English:
Children on the Shore ~ Cassett (1884)
May Monday 02  2016
·       Family
All:  Luke 10+

History & Geography
Hymn:  Send the Light  ~ Charles Gabriel
(Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.213)
Artist:   Mary Cassatt 

1:  Read Alouds:
The Road from Home ~ Kherdian (1915)  SL 300

2:  Book Basket:
Do Hard Things ~ Harris   together, book basket time

3:  Short Stories: 
The  Machine Stops ~ Forster (1909)

4: Afternoon Audiobook:
War & Peace ~ Tolstoy (1869)  week 2 of 4

·       Jay
History & Geography
2:  Bp Early Modern Times: Ch:11 Jim Crow Laws U.S.A., Australia, Africa p.153-154a,156-167a

Review:  Australia/Oceania (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
1:  NZ Road Code
2:  Rabbit-proof Fence ~ Pilkington (1931)  (Aust)
3:  Outliers ~ Gladwell     SL 400

Free Reading
1:  The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ~ Doyle
2:  Tales From  the Perilous Realm ~ Tolkien

2:  Audio’s in May: 
1:  Made for Success ~ Ziglar

1:  Essentials in Writing:  Essay  Fri
2:  NZ English  Reader Response Booklet   M, T, W, T
Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury  (Utopian)   R.R
Short Stories:
How Much Land Does a Man Need ~ Tolstoy (1886)   R.R.

·       Daisy
History & Geography
2:  Bp Early Modern Times
Ch:11 Jim Crow Laws U.S.A., Australia, Africa p.153-154a,156-167a

3:  KF Encyclopedia
 p.374-375 (Australia 1788-1913)

4:  Flesh and Blood So Cheap ~ Marrin   (USA 1911)      Really interesting book

Mapping:  Australia   BiblioPlan Map wk11
Review:  Australia/Oceania (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  C.S. Lewis ~ Benge   (optional read)
2:  Delight-led reading (not sure of titles yet) 

2:  Audio’s in May:
1:  Rabbit-proof Fence ~ Pilkington (1931)  (Aust) completed.    Does have a few content issues that we discussed before Daisy started listening to this
2:  Agatha Christie (title (?)
4:  Trumpeter of Krakow ~ Kelly   ex.SL

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