18 May 2016

Fahrenheit 451 ~ A Few Extras

Jay is using Fahrenheit 451 ~ Ray Bradbury as one of his dystopian reads for a research paper he's needing to complete, and SL 300 Lit doesn't have this as one of their Modern History books so I decided to go searching for some discussion guides/writing prompts etc for us to use.  Here is what we archived:
Fahrenheit 451 Teachers Guide (pdf)  Under the heading Books & Lesson plans, scroll down to:  Teacher Guide from Simon & Schuster
The Big Read Fahrenheit 451 (pdf)  also can be down loaded from here
Steppenwolf Guide (pdf)
Essay Questions   &  Themes  (also includes other items that may be of interest)

We also had a brief look at anti-heroes in Modern Times literature and in today's culture.

Spare, sit down and just read, hours seem to be in very short supply this year so I elected to listen through this book on audio (to check for possible content issues, and so I could discuss it with Jay... and in a few years time with Daisy when she reads it.) 
I was able to download the audio for free through e.pukapuka (pertinent info, just for kiwis) - though I did notice that audible USA has the version read by Tim Robbins available too (I thought he read this book really well).

I know of  a few other mums who appreciate knowing of potential content that may need  discussion in books, ahead of time too, so tossing this comment in, again:

Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury    1953
Dystopian.   This makes for tame reading after pre-reading 1984, and, Brave new World.  We purposely went with this book as opposed to other curriculum providers dystopian suggestion, Brave New World  (depressing! s3x & drug based,  suicidal and despair filled ending) .
Fahrenheit 451 still contains content issues - which are implied,  rather than exemplified- a woman tries to commit suicide, dysfunctional marriage, totalitarian state which murders people, protagonist uses a fire torch on his work colleagues - but!  the story ends with hope!  We both really appreciated the ending. 

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