29 February 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 29 February 2016

Our weather last week was rather hot and draining, which can make academic lessons have that slightly sluggish undertone once the mid afternoon heat kicks into full gear; so, we're switching anything that requires brain power to morning time this week and leaving reading and delight led subjects until after lunch.

February Monday 29  2016
·       Family
All:  Luke 7+

History & Geography
Hymn:  The Haven of Rest ~ Gilmour/Moore
(Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.207)
Artist:   Winslow Homer
1:  Read Alouds:
The Giver ~ Lowry  (dystopian) afternoons, group discussion
The Nickle- Plated Beauty ~ Beatty (1886)   evenings, dad
2:  Book Basket:
·        Do Hard Things ~ Harris
·        Outliers ~ Gladwell 
Poetry selections, from various books
One of our Poetry Books
·       Jay
History & Geography
2: Biblioplan Early Modern Times: Ch3: pg38b-39b, 40-46  
3: DKH   Anglo- Afghan Wars

4: ITTC: Eliot Middlemarch (1871-72) p.271
Mapping:  Map 3, 3b.    Review: NZ Regions

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
1:  Three Men in a Boat ~ Jerome (1889)
2:  How to Read Slowly  ~ James Sire
3:  NZ Road Code
2:  Audio’s for this month: 
1:  Smart Money, Smart Kids ~ Ramsey, Cruze
2:  Made for Success ~ Ziglar

·       Daisy
History & Geography
2: Biblioplan Early Modern Times: Ch2: pg24-33b 
3:  KF   p.368-69-51  (British Empire 1815-1913),
p.343 (Sth Africa 1814-1910)
4: ITTC: Eliot Middlemarch (1871-72) p.271
Mapping:  Map 3, 3b.    Review: NZ Regions

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  The Baronet’s Song  ~ George MacDonald (1879)
2:  Lincoln ~ Freedman (1860) (hist)
3:  Miniatures and Morals: The Christian Morals of Jane Austen ~ Leithart  (Sense & Sensibility)
Free Reads:    
1:  Rowland Bingham: Into Africa’s Interior ~ Benge
2:  Mildred Keith ~ Finley
2:  Audio’s for this month:
Smart Money, Smart Kids  ~ Ramsey, Cruz

1:  Essentials in Writing, Level 8  Tues-Thurs
3:  Nanowrimo  Mon, Fri
7:   Level E.  Penmanship  

Maths    CTC Math

Science  Physics 101   

Languages Rosetta Stone French  

1 comment:

reader19 said...

Hello Chelle,
It was lovely to see that Winslow Homer in your post; I love that one! I know what you mean about hot weather dimming our energy towards lessons sometimes; we get that too. I don't know that hymn---I'm going to have to follow it on and see if I remember it by listening to it. Sometimes I think I don't know one, and then when it is played, it clicks!

I'd love to hear how your critters are doing. I was cleaning our snails' container last week and took a photo to post on my blog to show you how they are coming along--how is (Mango?) doing? Is her name 'Mango?'

Obviously I need to send you an email as I keep coming up with question after question!

Much love to you! Wish you could come over for a real visit! Your invited! any time!!!