04 February 2016

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This is our second week of 'ramping up the subjects'  (translated =  clicking the subjects back on, a few at a time, as opposed to having our first week back  filled with all of the  hair-tearing  subjects we've elected to study during the year).
We always delay extra- curricular subjects for a few weeks; so things like music lessons, driving tuition,  etc.  won't start until the 4th week in Feb.
Other than mentioning a few books, I probably won't be detailing much of what Jay is doing this year; so most of the posts will just be *week ahead* posts for Daisy & myself.

Here's what we're reading and discussing:

Family Book Basket
The Book of Luke (KJV)
How to Read Slowly: Reading for Comprehension ~ James W. Shire
The Giver ~ Lowry  (class discussion)   
Hard Times ~ Dickens
3 of Mark Twain's Shorter Stories
The Time Machine ~ Wells
Economy books ( & lectures)
Other, delight-led titles
Huckleberry Finn ~ Twain
Great Expectations ~ Dickens (audio)
Zoology books ( & documentaries)
Stepping Heavenward ~ Prentiss  (and, other, delight-led titles)

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