17 December 2015

Christmas Post ~ Gift Ideas for My Teens

This was originally destined to be a seriously pre-Christmas post , as I was trying to create a let's -get- organised mood, but never got around to posting it until now.  I'm archiving this here for possible ideas for next year also.
Dn and I have long had the mindset that significant gifts we purchase, or make, for our children have to have a purpose; and it needs to be something they will continue to use and enjoy for a good stretch of time; not just 2 weeks and then stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten.  However, with Christmas not every gift needs to be significant; some are just given for shorter, or temporary, enjoyment ☺.

Most of the ideas beneath are not super costly - nor do they all require money; here are some idea's we're thinking of for our children for this year.... and a few we'll be implementing.  I'm also including ideas for stocking stuffers.
  • Edward's Menagerie book with a select of natural yarn
  • Edmond's Cook Book (Daisy)
  • Artist Quality Colour in Pencils
  • Plastic Modelling Kitsets, paints and paintbrushes (Jay)
  • Books  :D 
  • Nice journals to write in (both our children like using these)
  • Board Game (not sure what though)
  • A 'small' something, as in not costly, from an Antique Shop
  • A really nice Wall Calendar  (like this or this)
  • Hobby Magazine (relating to their interest... for those shorter of cash and who frequent 2nd hand books sales like we do, 2nd hand finds work well too) 
  • Pocket Knife
  • Tools  (cooking, handcrafts inc woodworking, mechanical, garden etc)
  • Glasses cleaner & cloth (both children wear glasses)
Vouchers for:
A: driving practice with dad
B: sewing time with mum (includes all the material and notions needed)
C: games of their choice with mum (hoping it wouldn't be redeemed on Monopoly games)
D: a day off chores
E: learning to cook a favourite dish (Jay would like this)
F: extra computer time
G: gourmet ice-cream
H: printing photos at a photo centre
I: Wild Bird Seed
J: Stores of interest (Bunnings, Hunting & Fishing, Spotlight, Art Supplies etc)
Available at Countdown
  • A few Audio books of their choice
  • Novelty socks
  • Daisy would like to gifted with a whole Sally Lunn, or Boston Bun pictured above,  for herself (grin)  & I may have a try with this recipe ... it's made with cold mashed potato, as opposed to yeast.
  • Special summer fruit (mangoes and cherries... or South Island Apricots)
  • Day trip of  'their'  choice
  • Vouchers for Pizza (shop brought pizza is a treat in our home)
  •  It's a bit of a Christmas tradition for us to put some bottled drink in the stockings (the fancy fizzy in glass bottles, like Bundaberg Ginger Beer or Lemon Lime and Bitters, Macs Feijoa & Pear, Sparkling grape juice ... this year Daisy asked for Coca-Cola as this is not a beverage we usually drink ;-) )
  • and then there are the standard options like chocolate, lip balm, hair gel, skin cream, fancy writing cards (masculine ones work well for young men that need to/want to (have to) write thank you cards... include postage stamps)  and etc...


Lorna said...

Merry Christmas! What a lovely list of ideas :)

Chelle said...

The children enjoyed the things we ended up selecting out of there :-D
Hope your summer holidays go well!!!