21 September 2015

Schedules, Books, Crochet & Cards

We decided I should do a rather random post this week, in place of our usual week ahead type up, as we had a rather short run at our suggested learning schedule last week , so we're just going to carry on where we left off.

This is slightly off tangent from schedules, but I'm including it anyway; I've ordered my homeschool planner for  next year, and was pleased to find that the Ultimate Homeschool Planner comes in blue tones :D
(Sadly, bookdepository don't currently stock it.)
I'm working on our history and English literature schedule for 2016 at the moment and am trying to 'listen' through Modern Times reading options for Jay and Daisy. I find I can get through quite  a bit of listen during our thorough-house-cleaning spot on Fridays.
This week I'm going try listening through Babylon's Ark ~ Lawrence Anthony, read by Simon Vance (I purchased it for $2.95, as a daily deal).  Not sure of the content yet, so I'm not recommending it, just mentioning it.
Update: Too much coarse language in this for me, which is disappointing as I want to find out about the animals and the zoo. I'm going to try and procure it thru the library as a read.  Editing out the language is more doable in book format; and an audio you get to hear it whether you want to skip it of not.

With books, Daisy is wanting to go through some vintage titles as her free reading titles, and since vintage books are not always easy to locate quickly in NZ, and the overseas book prices are seriously 'ouch'  ..... we've elected to go with kindle options.
She's going to read:
Wide, Wide World ~ Susan Warner (Mentioned by Martha Finley, the author of the Elsie Dinsmore series)

The Daisy Chain ~ Charlotte Yonge

The Courts of the Morning ~ John Buchan (A book about Sandy Arbuthnot, Richard Hannay's friend.)

Jay is going through some weightier reads for history, English, and science; and so was pleased when a friend offered him The Ruins of Gorlan ~ John Flanagan to read.   It's easy, younger?,  reading which makes for a relaxing change of pace for him.  We're not overly familiar with the Ranger's Apprentice series, and Jay wanted to say that he'd had a go at reading, at least, one book in this series ;)

Onto crochet and then card crafts:
Daisy and her friend Fleur have been working on few crochet projects; namely lap rugs, blankets, or a throw.
Above is Fleur's throw, and the pictures really doesn't do it justice; the colours are vibrant and lovely, in real life.  I really like this rug!

I'll post pictures of Daisy's lap rug further down this post, otherwise the colours of both crochet projects look rather garish together :p
Since I'm mentioning Fleur  ♥  Daisy & I made this card (above) for her birthday, earlier in the year.
And, she crafted this one for Daisy's birthday; again, earlier this year.

Fleur's 10yr old sister, Grace, made the next one (beneath).  So bright and pretty!
Grace has made some other cards that showcase her card making flair much better than this one does, unfortunately I don't have any photographs of them.
I'll see if I can coerce her into letting me share the canvas project she made......
Fleur & Grace's younger sister has painted me some lovely pictures over the last wee while, which I'll ask if I can post photos of here.

Another of Daisy's friends, Belle, made a box and folded those five dollars notes (beneath) as her birthday 'card n gift'; clever!  NZ money is VERY difficult to fold, as the notes are made out of polymer - meaning that large amounts of cellotape, or two-way stick tape, are required to get the folds to stay in place.
Next are a few other cards we've made this year.
One, we made for granddad for his 80th (which I wasn't so fussed on, as we didn't have the colour range of card stock, or the right colour/texture of twine to create the look we wanted.  I still gave it to him though ;-) )

And, this last card was made for my lovely neighbour's birthday.

I thought my critter loving friends might like to see Daisy's much loved cat, Elsie, getting in on the piano practice. The chord sheet is from the dvd Piano for Quitters.
Elsie has to be in on ANYTHING Daisy is doing, and can make a real mischief-making nuisance of herself; notice that she's sitting right where Daisy needs to play ;-)

The lap rug Daisy crocheted for Dn's birthday.


DeliveringGrace said...

Your cat looks very similar to one of ours. My younger daughter loves the poem "Cats sleep anywhere" so true.
One of my birthday aims was to learn to crochet but so far it hasn't been more than an aim!

Lorna said...

That was lovely looking at all those beautiful creations!
J951 has enjoyed reading The Rangers Apprentice series this year (trying to find something he will read has always been so challenging). It has sparked a number of self directed learning trails for him - making the home ed journey much easier for me this year!

Chelle said...

@ SarahElisabeth
So true.... especially in "a cardboard box" (Great poem).
Watching my daughter enjoying her crochet journey has inspired me to make it an aim of mine to.
(I'll watch with interest for any blog post that lets us know you've found a space to stat learning.)

Chelle said...

Thanks Lorna ♥
That is so good to read about J951 (no pun intended) and finding a series that is a good fit... and generating an easier year for you. What a blessing.
(Keep posting; we read along but don't always take time to comment)

reader19 said...

I was just telling a new friend that I wanted to make a granny square quilt like your Dd has been doing! Is this her second one now? I believe you showed another really lovely one a short while back that she had done, am I right? It might be more than "a short while back" as it seems that as I am super busy the time is just flying by (and snow will be here so soon!).

I loved seeing the cards and the wonderful kitty! Elsie looks like a twin to my first adult cat (cat that I got as a new adult in college, that is...) anyway, I named her "Tigger" from the Winnie the Pooh books---such favorites.

My current kitty, "Smedley" (my husband named him!) is quite the bother now a days...it seems old age isn't settling in with him well. His new practice is to walk through our new home making the most awful sounding calls and it sounds like he is screaming: "Miriam! Oh NO! Oh NO!" on and on and on and on...he is waking us up every night and particularly around 2-3 am! Smedley is such a wonderful cat, if you ask me, but, boy, my Dd and Dh are not fans! (I wonder why?!!)

Well, it seems I need to send you a proper note soon as it seems I have a lot to say to you! I've been meaning to stop and type...hopefully soon! I've been missing you terribly and was just talking about you on Friday night to some new friends here in Michigan. Praying for you all each day, and sending along a warm apple crisp and a lovely tea pot!

Chelle said...

Loved finding your splash of friendship here Tracy.
I know you're super (beyond) busy so finding your comment here is really special (hug)

That is Daisy's 2nd blanket :-) She's currently working on a rather tricky shawl, which is stretching her expertise.

We should have named Elsie Tiggr also; she's that bouncy, even at 3yrs old.
Your cat meowing story made me LOL! Your poor husband & dd!!! I can relate; I'm not a cat person, and we have THREE!
(Not fun for your family, and Smedley, if he's not settling in well.)

Not pressure to send me a proper note, dear Tracy; just focus on doing the next thing that requires your attention. I'm reading along with any blog posts and praying over things you've mentioned, and many things that you've left unsaid.
Appreciate the virtual 'afternoon tea'.
with love,

Ritsumei said...

Too funny about the cat "helping" with piano practice. My cat always used to hide when I'd play... the piano (like so many other things) was scary. So I've never had to try to play through fur! Looks like a purrty big challenge!

Chelle said...

@ Ritsumei,
no return pun intended; but I love your play on words. It is a purrty big challenge to play with the cat there ;)
Thanks for stopping by.