07 September 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 07 Sept 2015

We enjoyed our week off, and away, last week.  We ending up taking a 'field trip' to Rotorua and I think I'll write up a separate post about that sometime, as I know at least one overseas homeschool friend who may enjoy a photo post on NZ.

How about I share some of the extras from my home educating basket, before we jump down to our week ahead.
I've been contemplating some home educating approaches that we use and pondering, and praying, on how, or do, they fit into our higher educating years.  One pondering point has been reading aloud, and Dn & I have worked on fine tuning what will continue to suit our family.
With my literature and reading aloud pondering I've been so encouraged by:
A: reading through Liz's nine instalments series on living books and character, 
which can be found over at Living Books Library: Vision for Children Series

B: listening through some of the, free, podcasts from Read-Aloud Revival, 
C: watching Carole Joy Seid's, Homeschool Made Simple.  

Highly recommending each of those three home educating 'spots' to visit for refreshing encouragement.
Dn watched through Homeschool Made Simple with me, and much of Carole's earlier years approach resonated with us, as she shared a variation of what we'd felt led to use, and worked!, for our family.  There isn't too much in this dvd about the highschool years, but it was still an interesting seminar.
We prefer different maths tools to the ones Carole suggests; she recommends M.U.S & Teaching Text books, ugh! shudder , and different bible tools; we prefer Egermeier's  Bible Story Book (to the Catherine Vos one), and Steve Green's Hide 'em in Your Heart Vol.1 & Vol. 2 , & the Harrow Family Sing the Word song C/Ds  (downloads available) to the ones she recommends.

Our Week Ahead
·       Family
All:  (Hebrews-only when dads hm) Proverbs Chapt 17+

History & Geography
Composer: Joseph Haydn   1732 -1809
Art History: Turner 1775 - 1851
1:  Read Alouds:
1768 Young Nick's Head ~ Hesse (complete)

2:  Book Basket:
·        Wordsworth (Poetry)
·        lol! OMG! ~ Ivester
·        Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger: Brewster 1781-1868

1:  Car (& craft time) time audio: 
delight led option

·       Daisy
History & Geography
1: Biblioplan Early Modern Times:
Ch:30 The Industrial Revolution pgs 746-749a, 751-756  Mon to Thurs 

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
Do Hard Things ~ Harris (reading with mum)
Optional Read:
Hard to Claim ~ A.J. Kitchin (1857 New Zealand history)
6:  Audio for this month:
·       Jay
History & Geography
1: Biblioplan Early Modern Times:
Ch:30 The Industrial Revolution pgs 746-749a, 751-756  Mon to Thurs                           
History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
The Tale of Three Kings ~ Edwards
King Alfred’s English ~ White  complete
Rip Van Winkle & Other Stories ~ Washington Irving

3:  Audio for this month:  
B: Death to the French ~ Forester  

1:  Greenleaf Guide Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer
Lesson 19:   The Bad Boys: Byron (1792-1824), Shelley (1792-1822), Keats (1702-1821) long lesson!!
2a:  Essentials in Writing, Level 10  Mon to Thurs  (restart)

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